Saturday, May 3, 2014

Easing The Pain Of Canker Sores

A week or so ago Hubby developed a canker sore. This was something totally new to us. He gets ulcers fairly usual, and he's had his wisdom teeth coming in...needless to say he's got a high pain tolerance, but this was different. He began complaining that this was seriously hurting him, and that it was hard to eat or talk. The poor guy was rubbing Orajel and anbesol around in his mouth like it was candy and it still wasn't easing the pain. He wasn't happy, I wasn't happy...NOBODY was happy. Well we began talking about dragging him into the dentist when it hit me...Essential Oils!

I pulled out my hand dandy books and soon
 knew what to do...Melaleuca!
Why Melaleuca?
It's Antimicrobial, Antiseptic, and Antiviral!

Hubby is the biggest skeptic I know and honestly it took me a solid twelve minutes to convince him that putting an essential oil in his mouth wouldn't kill him. ( Oh but a stranger offers him a free food sample and he eats it no question...go figure...) So he clearly did not believe that a simple essential oil would work better than the commercially made crap he had been using but he decided to try it anyway.

I put just one drop on a Q-tip and had him put it directly on the sore. We then began watching one of our shows and about twenty minutes later I asked him how the pain was. I swear you guys...he paused and then his eyes widened and he said " Wow.....the pain is gone. I forgot I had a sore, that's CRAZY. Why didn't you give that to me sooner??" Well excuse me...

He began putting the Melaleuca on his mouth before lunch and dinner and right before bed, so about three times a day. Within a week the sore was gone and I was back to my happy Hubby. So if you've got a canker sore try it will not be dissapointed.

Also.....because a possible cause of canker sores is due to stress I began rubbing Bliss ( calming blend ) on the bottoms of his feet before bed. It seems to help him sleep a little easier and wake up a little more relaxed. I've also diffused it with some lavender on particularly stressful days so everyone can get a little bit of a calming blend. If canker sores are a big problem and you find that you're stressed out a lot I would highly recommend LXR ( Anxiety Blend ) for diffusing, applying at night, and even applying it to your feet or wrist during the day as well.

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