Monday, April 29, 2013

Can we talk about faith for a minute?

This isn't a "funny" post. Sorry. I just wanted to take a minute to talk about faith because lately it's been on my mind. I wrote about being in a funk the other day and I still think that's hanging around. Lately I've gotten to where I can't watch the news because it's one horrible thing after another. One mother abandoning her infants in a house fire, a man raping a young girl, a kidnapping. Things just make me sick and after hearing about one atrocity after another it's all I can do to not pack my family's things and move out to the middle of nowhere. It's scary and it's sad.

What happened to the time when you could let your kids play together at the park or in the woods without worrying over a kidnapping or murder? What happened to people helping one another out and a whole country with a sense of community? It makes me sad, but then again....there are soldiers dying for me right now, literally as we speak so who am I to complain?

I got on Facebook and saw that a hometown soldier was killed overseas and his family was burying him. He leaves behind a young wife and his whole entire life just so you and I can enjoy our freedom. Just so you and I can complain about the milk running out or the high price of gas. I feel burdened down by a lot of it, like this country is going down in flames, it breaks my heart and hearing something like a person who was obviously so good cut down so short in life kills me.

I know there is good in the world, and I try to keep that front and center, but sometimes it's tough. I wonder how much worse this world will be when my daughter is raising her daughter in it. I'm trying to keep up my faith, but here lately it just seems hard.

It's sort of crazy because while writing this I decided to get on Pinterest to clear my mind and the very first thing I see...I am totally not kidding you guys, I promise....was this:

 I immediately began crying, God is always with you, and if this isn't a sign to pray for our nation and our people I don't know what is. I love you guys, thanks for sticking with me through this rough patch.

10 MORE things you should never do or say to a retail cashier

If you haven't checked out the first list, you can find it here . I hate humanity for making me create a second list, le it goes.

1. (Walks up to me with a list and hands it to me) Can you go get these for me? You'll be able to find them quicker than I can THANKS!

Are you really this lazy or are you just too stupid to find your way around a brightly lit store? Either way you should probably go play in the road if you do this.

2. Literally throwing money down on my counter instead of placing it in my open.waiting.outstretched.hand.

You better pray I never find out where you work.

3.Is there a store in ( another state, another county, another country..etc..)? Where are they located at there?
Oh I'm so sorry...when I got the job they didn't hand me a printout of every single store they had and ask me to memorize it along with what street they were all on and their individual phone numbers. Sorry I'm so incompetent, you should write a letter.

4. Is this coupon expired? ( hands me coupon ) 

Did you just lose your vision in the five seconds it took you to come through the door and walk to my register?

5. (Phone Rings) Do you have ____? What's the price of that? Is it on sale? What's the regular price? When does that sale end? How big is the box? how heavy is the box? What color is it? What is it's favorite color? What was it's mother's maiden name?

I do not have time for this crap. You did not call QVC, if you have that many questions go online or visit the store.

6. Hey baby where is _____ at?

You and your mullet owe me an apology.

7. ( Phone Rings ) Yea...I'm heading your way, where are you located? No...I don't know where that is. No..not there either. No, doesn't sound familiar. No I don't want to go that way. No, I don't want to take the highway. Exactly how many miles are you from here?

If only they made something that could tell you how to get to places easily, or maybe a map that you could look at online before you left.....someone should invent that.

8. ( Literally right after they pay) Can I have some scissors? I'm going to open this. ( opens package, leaves all of his trash on the counter, takes item and throws scissors down)

Thanks, my busy counter was just DYING to have your discarded trash placed on it.Toddlers know how to pick up after themselves...TODDLERS!

9. Me: Hello welcome to ______! How are you? (looks directly at me and then continues to walk away without so much as a smile in my direction)

 You're doing that good huh?

10. (this happens a lot more than it should ) Excuse me miss...I know you won't know what I'm talking about, so do you have a guy that you can call up to answer my questions about this screwdriver?

You're so right, I don't even know why they let me run a cash register, women are inherently horrible at math right? Should I go cook you something and pop out some babies?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today was a weird day

This little gem was caught in my "Spam Comments" folder.

"due to my individual relationship with god i know
women and men have been produced equally but a single question i could by no means find the
solution to is why you can find more males operating as doctors, engineers
and experts? the ratio guys:ladies is about ninety nine:1 that is
very stated. the ratio must have been 1:1 or a minimum of 2:
one but no. why is this?

Look at my web-site: how to become an alpha male  "

I thought at first....alright, it's a spammer preaching on equality...I can dig it. Then the end is all about how to be an "alpha male"? You lost me there, and I removed the link spamming for you mister feaux feminist. 

Is it really that much to ask that if you're going to be taking the time to plague websites with spam that you at least have the courtesy to insert something informative or at least inspirational? C'mon spammers, get it together!

  Also, I just found out through my email that I am a registered "Johnsonville Sausage Enthusiast".
1. I do not like sausage
2. Is this a real thing? Are there meetings?
3. Where can I request a T-Shirt?

Now to sit back and watch all of the weird ways people will Google "sausage" and be directed to my site...awesome.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My posts brings all the guys to the...screen?

I don't mean to brag or anything, but apparently I'm a hot commodity to California college basketball players....hey...stop laughing.

You see this whole debacle started a few months ago when I noticed that a few posts that I had posted were being +1'd by +Adam Folker. I'll give you a minute to wipe the drool off your face. 

I'm still not totally sure about what +1 means, I think it's something to do with Google and letting people "promote" your post, but I'm not sure...all I know is that if anyone does it, I get informed about it. Anyway, I noticed that he was + 1'ing a few of my posts and all I could think about was...why? 

I have nothing sports related, and I talk mostly about babies and crappy things that happen during my boring job at a tool store. Those aren't typically the things that awesome college basketball playing guys want to spend their time reading much less "promoting".

 I was flattered and flabbergasted all at the same time. I thought that maybe it was because at times I can post some humorous things, but some of the post he promoted weren't "funny" posts. I thought about shooting him a message asking why, but I couldn't phrase it in a way that didn't sound like a creepy fangirl message.

I resolved to let it go, but then a post was +1'd by ANOTHER California college player +Jonas Lalehzadeh. I know..I know..again..wipe the drool away. I of course took this, as any other rational person would, to mean that all basketball players from California are secretly in love with me. Yea...I know...I totally didn't see it coming either. 

I don't know if this post will "tag" them now because I added their names, but I really hope not. I would hate bothering NBA-worthy people with my random posts, but guys...if it did tag you then please take my apologies and know that I am totally open to a duel for my honor between the two of you. 

Just kidding

not really

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Baby clothes sale, catch the fever!

I had four separate people tell me that baby clothes were on sale today. 

The first time was when Hubby and I were at the flea market and while walking by a man's booth the guy jumped out of his chair and quickly informed me that he got a new shipment of baby clothes in and they were at rock bottom prices. I kindly nodded, but informed the man that her closet was slammed full but I appreciated the heads up.

( totally true...Munchkin is the first grandchild and the first niece so everyone under the sun buys her clothes)

We decided to hit up an "upscale consignment boutique", and while we were in there an older lady practically dragged me by my arm into her little shop to see all her crocheted baby clothes she had on sale. I commented on a few pretty pieces, but told her that Munchkin's closet was packed to the gills and she just didn't need any more right now. Thanked her, and left.

Well a friend of mine told me that Tuesday Morning was having an awesome sale ( which they TOTALLY are) so we stopped by on our way home ( I Hubby..EVER). The only thing I found was a beautiful faux gold plate that was originally 9 bucks on sale for 2.00 and 60% off that! woohoo! I waited for a lady to finish her purchase and then we were motioned to move forward to a man's register. After we paid the man was bagging up my plate and said " I can't believe you didn't find any baby clothes." I smiled and told him the same thing I told the other two, and we left. I was starting to feel really odd.

On the way to the car the woman who was checking out before us called to us as we passed and said " You should've gotten some of those baby clothes, it's SUCH a good sale!" I smiled and told her the same friggen thing that I was soon starting to memorize and then I got in the car and headed to the flippin' house.

It really got me thinking....was my baby dressed as a little ragamuffin so badly to the point where everyone thought she deserved better clothing and maybe they just sensed that it would have to be cheap for my penny-pinching self? No, because I had her looking really cute with a bow and everything.

Maybe because I had her looking super cute they thought " oh wow...look at that fashionista, I guarantee she'll want to buy THESE baby clothes". ( I really hope you said that sentence in your head with a haughty male crescendo voice, if not...I am slightly dissapointed in you)

It also could have been that this economy really sucks and any woman with a baby is a target for selling baby clothes to and everyone just wants to make a buck, or maybe they just really wanted to pass along the savings, maybe a little of both....I dunno, but I'd like to think it's the fashionista one.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Out of it

I feel like I've been in sort of a funk lately. Usually I spend my morning catching up and commenting on all of my favorite blogs, writing my own blog post, and doing a bit of cleaning and chasing a now (practically) mobile Munchkin. Lately however I haven't visited another blog in quite a few days, I have a huge pile of laundry, and I've just been sort of reading instead. It's not that I don't enjoy reading, it's just that I feel sort of off, and I promise as soon as everything clicks together I'll crank out something worthwhile. When...I'm not sure, but if you could put up with me until then...that would be awesome.

I don't know if it's just work crap or Hubby's work picking up or a little bit of off camera drama, but I just sort of feel like I'm in a funk. Not sad, angry or depressed....just a funk...oh and still no Artemis, in case you were wondering. I've pretty much given up hope.

As a side note, did you guys make a big deal out of your kid's first birthday? I have had relatives coming out of the woodworks asking about Munchkin's birthday party ( which is still about FOUR, yes FOUR months away). I was honestly planning on one balloon and a small cake for her, but good Lord I have been asked about themes, the number of invites, and a present list. I have seen both Hubby's and my own first birthday pics and we were both in a highchair...with one balloon, and one cake. Boom, done. I just think its a little strange to put in a lot of work for a first birthday. I don't know...what's your take?

Sorry kid, you're not on the list.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

If you were wondering

 What's been on my bookshelf recently.....

 1. Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

This one had a high recommendation from Cassandra Clare ( one of my fav. writers) so I figured I would give it a try. It's about a guy who hunts killer ghosts. It's alright...wasn't as good as I hoped it would be, but wasn't horrible either. I wasn't a fan of the language...if Katniss didn't cuss while being hunted by kids then you shouldn't have to either. It would be a really great book to read when cuddled up at night and looking for a good ghost story though. The love story is ok, but there is a second book in the Anna series that sounds like it might be more interesting and a little more of what I like so I'm really excited to get to reading it. Overall though, pretty good book.

2. Red Riding Hood by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright

I grabbed this one while browsing the young adult books and sadly it was pretty disappointing. It's based on the movie that came out with the same name ( which I did not see ) and while I did not guess right away who the wolf was, it wasn't that much of a surprise either. I felt the book to be very rushed in the fact that nothing was really suspenseful and built up and it was also very boring. PLUS you have to go online to read the end. I am not even kidding. You will never know the end if you don't, it's not included in the book at all. I do not recommend this one folks.

3. You Don't Sweat Much for a Fat Girl by Celia Rivenbark

I love my girl Celia. If I could have a pocket large enough to put her, Nate Burkas, and Jenny Lawson into it and carry them around all day I would. Her other books like stop dressing your six-year-old like a skank is pure amazingness. She is a great, funny southern writer, but I did not like this book. There were only about two chapters that made me laugh and in a whole book...that's really not good. Overall it sort of came off as just angry, I wasn't a fan. I do still love her though so go out and read her other books.

4. Girl of Nightmares ( Anna book 2 ) by Kendare Blake

Alright so I did end up having enough time to read this one, the second in the "Anna" series and it was alright. I didn't like how it ended, but what can ya do. I finished it really quick and she did a good job of keeping you interested, but I just really felt there were a lot of unanswered questions at the end. Like I said though, decent ghost story to curl up with and read at night.

5. Gone by Michael Grant

I grabbed this one on a whim, and was pretty excited to read it because it's a series and it seemed like a pretty original idea. In this California town everyone 15 years or older just vanishes, poof, gone. While this seemed intriguing, the first few chapters continually brought up abandoned babies, and little ones starving and dying. To be honest with you....I couldn't keep reading. I just couldn't. Sorry. It might be a decent series if you get past that, and yea...I know it's all pretend, but I just couldn't keep reading. Sorry.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


PLEASE Pray for those in Boston. 
 My family sends our love and prayers to all affected. 
My heart hurts for you, and I cannot express how thankful I am for the first responders and those who are willing to put their lives on the line to help others in this time of need. 
I cannot say it are all in our prayers and we love you. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Wanted: Mommy Friend

See Stipulations Below

1. Must be willing to go to Sunday School on Sunday and then hit up the two for one margaritas on Monday at the local Mexican restaurant while the Dads watch the munchkins. You get bonus points if your guy is into Call of Duty.

2. Must like to cook, but not be such a good cook that it makes me feel inferior. 

3. If you don't know who the Bloggess is, just walk away......

4. You must be loyal, I'm talking about willing to face dozens of strangers in a crowded movie theater just waiting to pounce on that empty chair and giving you all types of dirty looks loyal. 

5. I value honesty. If that shirt I'm rocking makes me look like the "before" shots from What Not to Wear please girl....speak up. Must be willing to accept honesty right back. 

6. If you're sneaking your daughter's copies of Twilight and Harry Potter and reading them at night...please apply...and apply soon, I need someone to gab to about The Infernal Devices series.

7. If you spend an unhealthy amount of time on Pinterest this position may be for you. 

8. If you can go from Martha Stewart to Gretchen Wilson in five seconds if someone messes with your kid please, please apply. 

9. If you decorate for every holiday, I'm already lovin' you.

10. Your kid can't be a douche...there...I said it. 

11. Your Husband can't be a douche either. 

12. Must be close. I'm pretty lazy and I am not going to drive more than 15's just not going to happen. I might give you 25 minutes if you're pretty awesome, but you better have either coffee or cake waiting on me when I get there buddy, and yes...I'll totally do the same for you. 

13. Must have a sense of humor or this isn't going to work out, trust me on this one. 

14. If your life is similar to Duck Dynasty, if you're not a fan of "Upward" sports teams, and if you spend a majority of your day making sarcastic comments in your head and wiping a cute but dirty face all day then this job is made for you. 

Apply Inside, Restrictions Apply, Management Reserves the Right to Refuse Service,

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oh good Lord here we go again....

Alright so I don't remember if I told you guys or not, but as soon as we got home we received a letter in the mail informing us that Hubby's deposition was scheduled for this Friday. Awesome. Hubby has to give a deposition for shooting a man just to watch him die, mugged a family of bears being a witness to a car wreck that the lady is now apparently suing for. Big fun.

The only issue is that it's in the upstate of South Carolina and about six hours from where we are. I have to work today and then as soon as I get off work we are driving the six hours ( with Munchkin in the car ) and crashing at his parent's house so he can give his statement tomorrow.

It's going to be great to see some of our old friends, even though we'll only be there for about three days. The bad news is that no...there is no internet. There isn't even A.C. actually now that I think about it. Note to self: try to fit fan inside car. There will be lots of love and happiness though, and I'm excited that we're getting to see some people that we've been missing.

So, long story short....I'm off for the weekend and I hope you guys have an awesome one, and also pray for me and the no A.C sweltering heat of spring thing, K? Thanks!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Top 15 Healthiest Tasty Treats

 You guys all know that I'm trying to lose some extra poundage so I was really excited to work on this healthy treats list.You might have to run to the grocery store for a few of these ingredients, but it's worth it to save some inches on your waist.

1. Homemade Take 5 Candy bars by Desserts with Benefits

I have another recipe a little further down on this list from her because she is simply amazing at creating healthy recipes that are to die for! I LOVE take 5 bars, and I cannot wait to try my hand at making this  healthy version!

2. Dark Chocolate Coconut Macadamia Nut Banana Muffins by Yummy Mummy Kitchen

Just because you're tying to eat healthy doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on flavor. These muffins look amazing and just think of how awesome your kitchen is going to smell while baking them and how full and happy you're going to be when eating them.

3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Doughnuts by Edible Perspective

Yes....I totally just said that sentence in a healthy desserts list. These doughnuts looks like a sinfully delicious treat and the fact that they are healthy seems almost like a dream. Either way...I plan on making a batch soon!

 4. Vegan Frozen Hot Chocolate by Girls Makes Food

You see the "vegan" everywhere now, it must be the new "food trend" and if it helps me shed some pounds then I am all for it!

5. Raw Lemon Bars by Oatmeal with a Fork

I LOVE lemon bars. I have never made them myself, but I love the fact that I now have a recipe that is good for you so I can bake away and not feel guilty.

6. Chocolate Almond Crackles by Including Cake

Ok...I want now. I think I would eat the whole entire batch myself, but least their healthier than other stuff I could be eating. 

7.Healthy Cheesecake by That's Fit

It's HEALTHY cheesecake. Stop looking at this blog and go make some already!!


8. Healthy Chocolate-Walnut Fudge by An Edible Mosaic

I looooove fudge and I live near a store who makes it fresh everyday so yea, not helping the weight loss thing. I was so excited though when I found this little gem!  This girl deserves an award people!

9. Almond Joy Candy Bar by Pastry Affair

I love Almond Joy bars in fact I have the Almond Joy Coffee creamer in my fridge as I type this all out. I love the combo of coconut and chocolate, it's awesome. When I found this recipe for a healthier version I about jumped up for joy! ( ha ha get it?) Now you get the flavor, but no guilt.

10. Cake Batter Smoothie  by Desserts with Benefits

If you're not a fan of cake batter everything then leave...just go. This has to be one of the absolute best HEALTHY smoothie recipes in the world. Yay for cake batter!

11. Flourless Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies with Sea Salt by Ambitious Kitchen

I know what you're thinking..chickpeas? Seriously though, have you ever had any type of blondie that wasn't amazing? I didn't think so. I can't wait to try these out!

12. Healthy Chocolate Candy  by Including Cake
I love the idea that not only can you eat this and not feel guilty, but it also makes a cute, easy gift that the receiver wont have to just throw away because she's on a diet. 

13. Healthy Fudgy Brownie Bites by Averie Cooks

I can't even contain my excitement on this one. I'm a sprinkle freak so this immediately caught my attention, plus who doesn't like brownies? one. 

14. Coconut Magic Brownie Bars  by The Healthy Foodie

Once again...who doesn't like brownies? You add the amazingness of brownies plus the great taste of coconut AND the fact that it's a light treat makes this just pure heaven. There is a reason they are called magic people. 

15. Skinny Key Lime Pie by Skinny Mom

I gave you the lemon, now here's your lime. I'm not a HUGE fan of key lime pie, but I do like it. It's nice to have a lighter recipe for when the mood strikes me. 

Did I feature you today? If so then feel free to grab a " Featured " button for your awesome blog.

Life Inside Nickie's Little Bubble

Can I be happily smug just once? please?

This morning the baby woke me up early so I headed outside to the porch with her high chair at the door so we could see each other and I planted the flowers I bought yesterday. They are Vincas, Moss Roses, Snapdragons ( yes...I know their season is almost over but the whole container was a dollar so....there.) and my personal favorite....Lavender.

I finally got everything planted, plus put up a hummingbird feeder on our window when she began to fuss. I cleaned everything off and headed inside. I picked her up and started brewing some coffee and humming to myself. There literally could not have been a better way to start my morning.

I had just sat down with Munchkin when I noticed she smelled like poop. Awesome. It was then that I discovered that she did in fact poop.....all over herself, and it was slowly creeping up her back. I changed her and fast forward about 20 minutes had her down for a morning nap. Awesome.

I sat down with my coffee in my quiet house thinking...yes....I do deserve this peacefulness and decided to update my Facebook status to something smugly happy that basically said

" flowers planted, coffee made, it's going to be a lovely day. "

 No sooner had I pressed "send" to post the status when I dropped my hot coffee all over myself, and the remote and also somehow managed to drop her baby monitor onto the floor which woke her up. She started wailing, I was trying not to say some very naughty words that rhymed with duck and fit and all I could think about was alright, well played world. I was becoming too smugly secure and on my high horse....thank you for knocking me down a peg or two. I get it....maybe next time could it be cold tea please?

This of course put me in a sour mood, and speaking of sour did you guys see that jerk on the Today show  who was talking about " How to wear white before Memorial Day"?

He began talking about a trench coat and said and I QUOTE " It will make you feel so wonderful and it costs nothing, it's from Banana Republic". The jacket he was referring to was 189.00.

Dude, I have issues buying jackets at Wal-Mart that I feel haven't been marked down enough much less 200 bucks on a brand new white trench coat! We got this here recession on man...get with the times.

Kudos for Al Roker for looking at those panels of "Find the Perfect Shades of White to Fit Your Home" and calling the woman out on the fact that they all looked identical.

Monday, April 8, 2013

13 Things You Should Never Do Or Say To A Retail Cashier

1. Wow, it is gorgeous outside.

Yea I don't know if you noticed or not but...I'm working all afternoon....indoors....dealing with idiots....thanks.

2. (after I yawn) Oh I'm I keeping you up?

I have literally killed you in my mind at least three times.

3. ( after handing me money)That's a brand new one, I just made it! ha ha ha!

C'mon man....really? Did you not just hear the last seven people say that same exact dumb joke?

4. You guys should carry _______, those are should really tell them to stock it.

 Yes, because multimillion dollar companies always consult the minimum wage cashiers on what they should stock in their stores.

5. If it doesn't scan it's free right? ha! 

I give up....and you're not funny.

6. Is that with my great customer discount? Just give me yours....c'mon give me some discount!

If you say this then you're lucky if I give you even a fake smile much less any discounts.

7. ( walks in, doesn't even glance at the HUGE bright signs that clearly say where everything is) Where are screwdrivers? 

Quite literally five feet in front of you....under the screwdrivers sign.

8. Working hard or hardly working? 

Working not stab you with a fork.

9. ( arms loaded down) Can I just set these down here (on my busy counter) while I'm still shopping? 

Did you not see the shopping carts and shopping baskets that you passed on your way up here? What do you want me to do with all your crap in my way? Do you REALLY think you're more important than all the other normal shoppers who have their stuff together?...yes....yes they do.

10. ( while I am literally in the middle of a sentence with another customer) I just need to ask you a question....

So does this guy...who politely waited his turn. You know the people who do this were the ones who cut in the lunch line in front of the good honest people like you and I.

11. ( walks up, asks for a price check) No...that's too can have it. ( then leaves)
I'm sorry....did you forget where you got that in the seven seconds it took to walk up here or did you just think that I wasn't working hard enough and should tell everyone in my line to wait while I go and put the item back where you got it? I know your mother taught your better.

12. You charged me more, see it's on this (coupon) for five dollars less. (which they didn't show me at all)

I can't read your mind and know you have a coupon in your jacket pocket. Please....allow me to apologize and take up more of my time because you don't know what a coupon is.

13. ( on my way out the store with my jacket, purse and lunch box) work here...I need help.

I will make your death slow and painful.

Submitted to Amanda over at Serenity Now

Sunday, April 7, 2013

I hate you USPS

 Yesterday sucked. SUCKED. SUCKED. I had to leave work an hour early because of my stupid sinuses. I had a headache from you-know-where and was feeling like I was in a hazy pressurized cloud ( not in a good way). I then arrived home to find that dear Hubby left the windows up in the whole house to let the fresh spring breeze in, but did not watch Artemis who apparently jumped out of the open windows sometime during the day.

We spent the better part of the afternoon looking for her, putting up a lost ad, and contacting the neighbors. Still no Artemis. We decided to go eat out at Denny's only to have the service and the food suck. The waitress came by a whole three times and I had to go to the counter twice to get our drinks re-filled. There were only two other couples there besides us.

We left there and checked the mail and much to my surprise the packages that we shipped through the United States Postal Service had arrived. YAY! I grabbed the box and heard it....the twinkling sounds of broken glass.

I immediately looked at Hubby and opened up the box. 

My favorite piece, an antique Fleur De Lis candy dish, was shattered into a million pieces. I cannot express how expertly we packed this thing ya'll. Seriously someone had to have drop kicked it into a wall or slammed it against the ground for it to have been broken in so many pieces. I could have forgiven a scratch or even a crack, but it was shattered. The beautiful glass bowl part was shattered.

 Now listen...I love my mail lady, she and I are good friends and I do not blame her or the awesome people who work at the USPS. There are so many good, hardworking people there, but the good ones do not outweigh the ones who could care less about whatever is in your box.

I will never ship anything ever again with the USPS. Period. 

Hubby's box looked like it went through a mine field ( thank God there was nothing fragile in it) and had three seams in the box that were wide open. It's not about the price of the item, or getting my money back it's the fact that this can literally never be replaced.

The memories of that day and the other items are all I have left, nobody can give me that dish back and it was done by someone who didn't care what was in the box. I put my trust in a company that could not care less about whatever I was placing in their hands. I will say it again....I urge everyone to spend their money elsewhere at a company that values the people who are offering them their business.

Now....moving away from that......

Meet Sammy. 
I do not collect "pig things" at all. However I came across this little guy and he just spoke to me. I couldn't put him down. He's much cuter in real life and he is actually a piggy bank, but his new home is sitting right on my kitchen counter. I love this pig guys. Love him. 

Now meet Claude
He's a crawfish candle. Enough said.

......still no Artemis.