Sunday, April 7, 2013

I hate you USPS

 Yesterday sucked. SUCKED. SUCKED. I had to leave work an hour early because of my stupid sinuses. I had a headache from you-know-where and was feeling like I was in a hazy pressurized cloud ( not in a good way). I then arrived home to find that dear Hubby left the windows up in the whole house to let the fresh spring breeze in, but did not watch Artemis who apparently jumped out of the open windows sometime during the day.

We spent the better part of the afternoon looking for her, putting up a lost ad, and contacting the neighbors. Still no Artemis. We decided to go eat out at Denny's only to have the service and the food suck. The waitress came by a whole three times and I had to go to the counter twice to get our drinks re-filled. There were only two other couples there besides us.

We left there and checked the mail and much to my surprise the packages that we shipped through the United States Postal Service had arrived. YAY! I grabbed the box and heard it....the twinkling sounds of broken glass.

I immediately looked at Hubby and opened up the box. 

My favorite piece, an antique Fleur De Lis candy dish, was shattered into a million pieces. I cannot express how expertly we packed this thing ya'll. Seriously someone had to have drop kicked it into a wall or slammed it against the ground for it to have been broken in so many pieces. I could have forgiven a scratch or even a crack, but it was shattered. The beautiful glass bowl part was shattered.

 Now listen...I love my mail lady, she and I are good friends and I do not blame her or the awesome people who work at the USPS. There are so many good, hardworking people there, but the good ones do not outweigh the ones who could care less about whatever is in your box.

I will never ship anything ever again with the USPS. Period. 

Hubby's box looked like it went through a mine field ( thank God there was nothing fragile in it) and had three seams in the box that were wide open. It's not about the price of the item, or getting my money back it's the fact that this can literally never be replaced.

The memories of that day and the other items are all I have left, nobody can give me that dish back and it was done by someone who didn't care what was in the box. I put my trust in a company that could not care less about whatever I was placing in their hands. I will say it again....I urge everyone to spend their money elsewhere at a company that values the people who are offering them their business.

Now....moving away from that......

Meet Sammy. 
I do not collect "pig things" at all. However I came across this little guy and he just spoke to me. I couldn't put him down. He's much cuter in real life and he is actually a piggy bank, but his new home is sitting right on my kitchen counter. I love this pig guys. Love him. 

Now meet Claude
He's a crawfish candle. Enough said.

......still no Artemis.


  1. Aw no! I'm so sorry Artemis is missing and your bowl got all smashed. I'm sending up kitty prayers that she comes home soon. Sad!