Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today was a weird day

This little gem was caught in my "Spam Comments" folder.

"due to my individual relationship with god i know
women and men have been produced equally but a single question i could by no means find the
solution to is why you can find more males operating as doctors, engineers
and experts? the ratio guys:ladies is about ninety nine:1 that is
very stated. the ratio must have been 1:1 or a minimum of 2:
one but no. why is this?

Look at my web-site: how to become an alpha male  "

I thought at first....alright, it's a spammer preaching on equality...I can dig it. Then the end is all about how to be an "alpha male"? You lost me there, and I removed the link spamming for you mister feaux feminist. 

Is it really that much to ask that if you're going to be taking the time to plague websites with spam that you at least have the courtesy to insert something informative or at least inspirational? C'mon spammers, get it together!

  Also, I just found out through my email that I am a registered "Johnsonville Sausage Enthusiast".
1. I do not like sausage
2. Is this a real thing? Are there meetings?
3. Where can I request a T-Shirt?

Now to sit back and watch all of the weird ways people will Google "sausage" and be directed to my site...awesome.

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