Friday, April 5, 2013

Here's a question for you....

I love my library. 

Probably a little more than what can be classified as "healthy". There's just something pure and wonderful about walking into a quiet place that holds so many worlds, words, and wisdom ( try saying that three times fast). I saw a question once that asked

 " If you had to spend the rest of your life alone in either a library, a mall or a museum which would you choose? "

I assumed that food and water would be provided for me during this span, preferably by way of a magic portal. I picked a portal because it's magical so it would always be able to find me and also because if another human dropped supplies off it might make me long for a human connection more so.....I think magic portal is the best bet for everyone involved.

You might think mall because hellooooo tons of cute, designer, free clothes for you to wear but what's the point? That would be fun for all of ten minutes then I would head to the nearest JC Penny and be in pajamas for the rest of my life.

The next would be a museum, and I couldn't blame you really. I adore museums, I even tried talking Hubby into taking our honeymoon in Washington DC so we could spend a week just looking at all the museums. He opted for the secluded hotel man I guess. He knows me, and I would have been in my own little world. Think of it though, there are just so many things that building can hold and then you're on your own with a bunch of dead, stuffed animals and inanimate thanks. 

The library is the clear winner.

There are new people waiting to meet you and new places to see. There are a million stories and people just sitting there on the shelves. When you finished with the fictional section you could start reading about something you've always wanted to learn how to do or cook.

My town has recently opened up a new library ( well...actually about two years ago ). I was so excited to visit but things got busy and then I was pregnant and working a full schedule so I never got to go. The day before we left for our trip Hubby and I finally had a few moments of free time and I finally got to visit it. I was so excited, and was actually tapping my foot on the floor with joy on the car ride over.

We walked in, and I immediately set out for the Young Adult Section. What I found was a large room set off to the side by itself. The books are all behind a large door that clearly reads " Young Adult Section, Teens Only Please". I literally stopped in my tracks and just stood there looking at the door like it was the gatekeeper to heaven. 

What? how is this even possible? What kind of horrid game is this? Am I being punked right now? 

I looked over at the library ladies at the counter like....seriously? Is this for real? They of course weren't paying any attention to me, too busy checking people out and being helpful....not noticing the creeper 25 year old staring at a door and looking forlorn. 

The room has glass walls and thank God there were no teens in there looking out at me from their "teens only" room. Judging me with their eyes like I was trying to fit into their Abercrombie clothes. 

I gave them another glance and pushed the door open honest to goodness half expecting sirens to go off or a guard inside checking IDs. There was not. There was however beautiful, wonderful quietness just waiting to be explored. The library had it's own small noises of people clicking computers or hushed voices, but inside the YA wing I was completely alone in silence and it was heavenly. 

I spent a good bit of time finding a few books and eventually made my way back to the regular parts of the library and to Hubby. We checked out and I told him about the sign, he was horrified just like I was....this is why I married him. 

For the record I don't plan on ever not going in there. I love my library but I think it's bull to put up a sign specifying the type of person they think should be reading a certain type of books. Mark my words people I will be a seventy year old woman in there with those teens and you can bet I will march right past that " Teens Only" sign. You just watch and see. 


  1. Hello...Nickie!!! Really? This is our first time totally disagreeing. I love the library. I even interned at our local library one summer but the has Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, AND Panera Bread!!! That's the divine trifecta. You missed the boat on this one. But that sign? Total bunk! Totally!

    1. Oh my goodness I forgot about the coffee....I'm fairly certain that's at least ten years of bad luck or something.

  2. Here's a newsflash for you . . . librarians love control.

    What about parents who want to monitor or join in with what their teens are reading?

    Good for you.

    1. Exactly! What's next? A Chefs Only sign on the cooking section??