Friday, April 19, 2013

Out of it

I feel like I've been in sort of a funk lately. Usually I spend my morning catching up and commenting on all of my favorite blogs, writing my own blog post, and doing a bit of cleaning and chasing a now (practically) mobile Munchkin. Lately however I haven't visited another blog in quite a few days, I have a huge pile of laundry, and I've just been sort of reading instead. It's not that I don't enjoy reading, it's just that I feel sort of off, and I promise as soon as everything clicks together I'll crank out something worthwhile. When...I'm not sure, but if you could put up with me until then...that would be awesome.

I don't know if it's just work crap or Hubby's work picking up or a little bit of off camera drama, but I just sort of feel like I'm in a funk. Not sad, angry or depressed....just a funk...oh and still no Artemis, in case you were wondering. I've pretty much given up hope.

As a side note, did you guys make a big deal out of your kid's first birthday? I have had relatives coming out of the woodworks asking about Munchkin's birthday party ( which is still about FOUR, yes FOUR months away). I was honestly planning on one balloon and a small cake for her, but good Lord I have been asked about themes, the number of invites, and a present list. I have seen both Hubby's and my own first birthday pics and we were both in a highchair...with one balloon, and one cake. Boom, done. I just think its a little strange to put in a lot of work for a first birthday. I don't know...what's your take?

Sorry kid, you're not on the list.

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  1. We made a little bit of a big deal out of it. lol. You can check out what we did here. Hope your funk ends soon. I miss your comments!