Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yay...I didn't die on the plane!

I felt that was the most important statement I could make.We had a flight from the Coast to Atlanta then from Atlanta to New Orleans and then again in reverse order. Munchkin slept on all of the actual plane rides and woke up as soon as we landed, it was like I won the baby airport lottery. I however found myself having to clutch onto Hubby and at times dig my nails into his skin the whole entire trip...oh and I shook so badly it was literally visible to everyone on the plane. I couldn't hold anything and barely spoke. It was pretty horrible. You know how they tell you that when you get up in the sky you won't even realize you're flying yea....well those people are liars.

I was aware of every second of every minute of flight time and yes...we hit turbulence and it was not fun. That crappy part being said....I would have done it a million times over to get to surprise my Grandma and spend time with the family I so rarely get to see. I missed them all so much and leaving was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I cried for a few hours when we got back home, you just don't realize how much you miss someone until you get to see them and then they are taken away from you all over again. It's hard.

Enough of the sad stuff. Like I said before, we had SO much fun. Hubby ate his weight in crawfish and I ate mine in Po Boys and Beignets. Between my Grandma and my Aunt we ate like royalty and we also managed to do a little antique shopping. We had to ship them back soon I promise. Hubby was introduced to a few more cajun sayings such as Cooyon ( pronounced kew-yon and with a heavy french accent and it basically the cajun version of crazy) Piyat ( pronounced pee-yat and basically is a cuss word my cajun grandma invented) and Cha ( pronounced sha and basically is a term of endearment...sort of...they mostly called Munch Cha Bebe).

I've got a lot more to talk about but I'm kind of pooped and Munchkin is trying to adjust back to her normal routine so I will leave you guys with some pictures and all of my love for the continued support and love while I was gone. I heart you guys.


  1. Glad you made it back safe and sound. I have a teensy weensy fear of heights so I can't bring myself to fly. The hubs however...did and hated it! Said never, ever, ever again. Pretty sure we're stuck to the continental US by way of auto for the rest our lives. hehe. Love the Easter pics! She is a sweetie!

    1. I am right there with you guys, it was pretty scary. Hubby didn't help he kept saying " wow...we're above the clouds" or " oh wow.....look we're over the ocean."...yea...not helpful.