Thursday, February 12, 2015

My little box of happiness!

Things have been a little crazy. Ok, that's definitely an understatement. This pregnancy hasn't been the easiest and between early contractions, Hubby's new job, potty training, traveling, four weddings, sickness oh and this new state I barely have time to think much less write. Still, I wanted to update you guys on a fun website that's been a bright little ball of happiness in all of this chaos.

A month or so ago I stumbled upon this website called Influenster. It's a fantastic little website that lets you post and look up honest reviews for various products, goods, stores and more! They also post coupons, and host fun little Twitter parties. The shining star though is that sometimes you get picked to receive a FREE voxbox of goodies to sample and review. All they ask for is your honest opinion.

 I really enjoy it, it's a fun way to connect to others and find new products! Plus the boxes are a REALLY nice surprise at the end of a crazy day and can range between anything from food to cosmetics. I was picked for my first box after being a member for about three weeks and I was SO excited. It was nice to have a company think of me and send me a little box of goodies and all I have to do in return is give them an honest review. Being a pregnant mom isn't all rainbows and sunshine and it was nice to have this little treat. If you'd like to sign up all you have to do is follow this link. Anyways..without further ado, let's jump into my box!

Ok, honestly I wasn't too excited about these at first...then I tasted them. Holy Hera you guys I am hooked. They're really crispy and have a full flavor that I was not expecting. The Nacho Cheese flavor was the perfect blend of cheese and spicy kick to make them irresistible! The Restaurant Style was also really good but my favorite hands-down is the Nacho Cheese. If the awesome flavor wasn't enough to entice you they're also corn-free, gluten-free, free of MSG, free of preservatives, cholesterol free, have no trans fats and are high in fiber! 

I was excited about this one because it's a whole new way to put makeup on. It comes with a silicone applicator that is supposed to help smooth facial hair down as you apply the foundation. I liked the idea of this one, but I really wasn't a fan of the rubber applicator going over my skin. I didn't feel like it really helped any. The foundation itself is pretty good, though I thought it offered a little less coverage than I prefer. Overall I thought COVERGIRL missed the mark on this one. 

You. Guys. I am in love. I cannot rave enough about this lotion. I've never tried anything from L'Occitane but now I'm resisting the urge to buy everything in their line. The scent is incredible. I don't like an overpowering shea scent and this one is perfect, it hits the mark spot-on. It's a very light shea scent with floral notes. It also moisturizes exceedingly well, I applied it to the top of one hand and then applied my normal face moisturizer to the other and was blown away with the difference. You could see a visible difference in the appearance and texture. Needless to say...I'm a fan for life now. 

I've seen these but never tried them out before. I had been skeptical about if they actually worked and now I can officially say that yes they do! You simply put the strip on your tongue and within seconds your whole mouth is refreshed. I love how portable and small the paks are too, I already have a ton of stuff I'm carrying around for the little one so I appreciate how portable and purse-friendly these are. I thought the Cool Mist flavor was a bit strong, I think I'm more of a Wintergreen girl, but I will definitely be buying more of these when my pack runs out. 

This was another favorite! The bar is only 160 calories and has 6g of protein AND 5g of fiber so it keeps you fuller longer. It reminded me more of a candy bar and less of a nutritional bar. I felt like I was treating myself instead of eating something like a nutrition bar. I plan on buying some and stashing them in the diaper bag for when I'm running around doing errands, a much better alternative instead of stopping and getting a sugary or greasy snack. 

I used this after a very long day of dealing with a sick toddler and man was I thankful for it! The masque smells amazing, even Hubby commented on how good it smelled and it was heavenly to apply it and just relax for a minute by myself while it set. It was a bit hard to spread over my face, but it peeled off really easily once it was dried. My skin was instantly more smoother after use, and I even noticed the pores on my nose looked less defined so I was one happy mama! You definitely cannot beat the price of these either so I will certainly be buying some more to have on hand for some me time! 

I tried out the Creamy Chocolate Fudge and was really impressed with the flavor. I was honestly expecting a somewhat chalky flavor but this was nothing like that. It's a really delicious shake to be so good for you! There are 23 vitamins and minerals and 10 fruits and veggies in one shake plus it has 16g of organic protein to help keep you fuller longer! I plan on buying some of the Iced Cafe Mochas and keeping them on hand instead of reaching for those sugary Starbucks Iced coffees. 

This is one of those products that I never thought I needed until I actually tried out. Now...I must have them on me at all times. They're so convenient! The floss glides really easily between teeth and the mint flavor is delicious! Just using it as a floss pick freshens up your mouth but it also does more! It has a textured, pointy end to use as a toothpick and you can also use it as a tongue cleaner too! Hubby keeps stealing my bag so I'm going to have to buy him his own stash haha!  Like I said..try it once and you'll be hooked trust me! 

I thought this was a really neat idea to get kids into the habit of exercising better oral hygiene. I thought the colors were really fun, I actually wish they made the Comfort Clean adult picks in some of the fun colors like the kids have. The flavor wasn't very overpowering and the extra-long handle seemed to be a plus. I'd happily purchase these for my girls when they get a little older. 

Ok, so there it is everyone! My honest opinion on all of the goodies I got in my #RefreshVoxBox from Influenster. Again...I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. So are you apart of Influenster? Have you gotten a VoxBox before? What are you most interested in trying out? 

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