Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Things I am certain of

1. I cannot make homemade doughnuts or sugar cookies. Nope, not one. It literally has never ended well. Hubby made me promise to never make an attempt on either one after the cravings monster incident of February 17th.

2. If you make an effort to shave your legs earlier in the day for a little "adult time" that night your child will refuse to sleep like a college kid gulping down redbull. By the time you get them to sleep you're just hoping to make it to the bed before you pass out in sweet, sweet slumber. Don't believe me? Try it, I dare you.

3. If you teach your child a new little trick or fun thing...record it before they realize what you're doing. They will NEVER do it in front of other people. It's like they want to please you, but not so much that you think you're totally in

4. Manners are almost non-existent. Like it takes THAT much effort to simply RSVP a simple "yes" or "no" . Return calls, answer emails or texts, say please and thank you. Good Lord people it's like I've died and gone to New York. ( No offense to you 3% of polite New Yorkers)

5. There is a weird black and white line with children's birthday parties. On one side you throw a dull, un-cute, nothing to talk about party, and the other is a humongous, extravagant, gaudy people are so gonna talk about you not having enough time on your hands type of party. It's REALLY hard to strike a middle ground.

6. Letting your toddler sleep with you at night is the gateway drug of the sleeping world. You know you should stop and it'll probably lead to problems down the road, but it's just SO wonderful that you don't care.

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  1. YES. And Jesus loves you. And Birthdays are magic no matter how old you are.