Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Louisiana here I come!

I've been meaning to get this up for a while now, and I've just been super, super busy. Remember last year around this time I told you guys that I was getting to travel to Lousiana for Easter? It was a big deal because I don't get to see my family who live there much and so it was a HUGE deal to get to fly down with Munchkin and Lily? you're caught up on the back story. Well , we're going again! Woohoo!

The really great part about the trip this year is that we'll be driving down and my sister will be coming with us, plus my mom is coming down from Kansas to join the festivities. So this trip is going to be incredible, and I am SO happy and ready for it! We're leaving this Sunday and going to be gone until the next Tuesday (13-22) so I'll be off of here and off of Facebook during that time.

I won't have internet and honestly even if I did I wouldn't be on it. I rarely get to see these people that I love and I'm going to be spending as much time as possible with them. I love you all, and hope you have an incredible Easter.

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