Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why do things like this always happen to me?

Well I'm back folks! It took a lot longer this time to get everything back in order from the trip. I remember before little Munchkin it took nothing to unpack, and get the house back in shape. Now my suitcase stays dumped on the floor open like a gutted fish for a week after we get back. It's crazy how they change your life. You go from two suitcases to seven, from nothing to juice and sippy cups and snacks and diapers. It's crazy. ANYWAY....I wanted to write this up before I forgot.

Literally the day before we left for our trip my sister and I decided to get our eyebrows waxed at my favorite little place at our local walmart. Despite the woman last time violating my nostril ( see post here )...I wish I was kidding...I love this place and have NEVER had anything horrible happen, and they always do a fantastic job. Well I don't know if she was having an off day or maybe they were just super busy or what but this time she messed up...badly. The wax was a little warmer than normal which didn't bother me, but she decided for some inexplicable reason to wax under my brow on one side TWICE. That is a HUGE no-no.

It hurt. Badly. When she was finished I looked in the little mirror and didn't see any burning just the natural redness so we paid and left the salon. However by the time I made it home my brow was blistered and red. It wasn't as bad as those horrific pictures you see where people get burned but it didn't look good and it was RIGHT before the trip. I was bummed to say the least.

So what did I do? Grabbed my Healer Skin Stick and began applying it. I applied it every hour on the hour and you guys I am not kidding the blisters and redness was almost completely gone in 24 hours! I was ecstatic!

I've used The Healer with success on Munchkin's diaper rash, baby acne, all of our cuts or minor  burns, but nothing like this before. I was SO happy to see the results guys. I of course took pictures and you can tell in the first one there's a lot of blistering and redness and then the second one which is literally the next day and is almost completely healed! This little skin stick is exactly what it claims to be..a healer! ha ha.

So if your favorite nail salon blistered your eyebrows I would 1,000% recommend this. Hope you all had a fantastic Easter and that you're all doing well. Hugs & love! 

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