Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mayor Stubbs I tip my hat to you, or I would if I was wearing one...don't take it personally I don't have the headshape to wear most hats.

Ok, so I know that technically I am a year late on this but I recently read this article about a cat who has been the elected mayor of a town in Alaska for 15 years . I am not making this up. This cat...sorry....Mayor Stubbs...has been a write in candidate and has won the election for mayor in the town of Talkeetna for 15 years. 15 FRIGGEN YEARS! I couldn't buck up the courage to run for class president and a cat out-confidenced me on a mayorship! They all love him, they are so happy with him that one person goes on to say he's probably the best mayor they have ever had and another that he's honest and doesn't raise taxes.

I thought about that a moment and was ridiculous then I thought, you know that's actually not a bad idea. Cats can't be persuaded or bullied into doing anything they don't want to do so we wouldn't have to worry about funding from shady sources, and just think about how adorable our list of presidents would be if we start electing cats to run things.I'm all for electing animals, just not anything like a beaver or chicken...that would just be opening the door for other countries to make jokes about us. Let's stick with dogs, sorry. They are people-pleasers and would do anything for a belly rub...if you know what I mean, but to tell you the truth they should have started with the hampsters. Think of all that unharnessed energy we could be putting to use.

I think cats have been biding their time since the days of Egypt until they would rule over us again. Like I said, I am all for it all I ask is that we keep the cat names. I want a mayor mittens and senator whisker bottoms. I better not see any "max" or " ben" names. No deal.

I would also like to go on record and say that I would totally lobby for Hunter S. Thomcat, AKA: the cat who was almost strangled by Copernicus the homicidal monkey and owned by the AMAZING Bloggess. He would have my vote, mark my words people.

--- in other news...the birthday went swimmingly. Also I've been watching Downton Abbey non-stop for about a week. How Thrilling! ( If you didn't say that in an English accent I am thoroughly dissapointed in you)

--- also I misspelled "thoroughly" the first time I wrote it out but spelled "homicidal" right on the first try...don't really know what that says about my character....


  1. :D So glad to hear the bday went mahvelously... nic eot see you back to your usual hilarious hijinks... we have a cat named Tucker who should be running for President. Just think of all the fun slogans... we did!

    1. Thank you, it's good to be back,and I've missed everyone too. Ps - I would totally vote for your cat.