Sunday, November 24, 2013

Stocking Stuffer And Gift Ideas For Your Outdoor Guy

Stocking Stuffers:

1. 1600LM Ultrafire LED Flashlight - $10.59
If Hubby could only have one flashlight for the rest of his life, it would be this one. It's literally the most favorite one he owns, and he shows it off to everyone he comes into contact with ( I am not even kidding). Just trust me on this one...he'll love it. 

2. Schrade Gunstock Trapper 2 Blade Pocket Knife - $9.25
The "trapper" styled knife is always useful and Schrade makes great quality knives. It's just the perfect little pocket knife to always have handy.

3. J.R. Liggett's Bar Shampoo - $7.95
I know what you're thinking...shampoo? Really? Yes. This is a perfect little bar to throw inside a camping bag or take when flying instead of bulky bottles. Plus it does extra duty like shaving and washing dishes and clothes while camping. Awesome.

4. Lansky PS-MED01 Knife Sharpener - $5.80
Although this wont replace a good whetstone for sharpening knives, it is a good tool to throw in your camping bag to always have on hand and way less bulky. For less than six bucks you just can't beat it.

5.  Survival Paracord Bracelet With Whistle Buckle - $2.00 
This is SO great to have. The bracelet has 12 1/2 feet of parachute cord which can be used in emergency situations and holds more weight than rope. Plus this one has a safety whistle on the buckle for rescue situations. 

Gift Ideas:

1. Men's Fire Hose Workpants - $64.50 
These pants are suppose to be the toughest pants on the planet and made with your guy's comfort in mind. They actually come with a " We dare you to wear 'em out" guarantee where they will send you a brand new pair if yours lets you down, frays, tears, rips or gives out...I'll take two please.

2. Bass Pro Shops XPS 2L Hydration Pack - $34.99
If your guy goes hiking, camping, hunting, biking, etc. they will love this little baby. It's a backpack with a water bottle built in and a bite valve so they don't have to take their pack off or lug around water bottles anymore. This pack also has extra room for a camera or snacks! 

3. RedHead Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit - $29.99
This kit has everything the gun enthusiast in your life needs to clean and maintain his gun. I love the beautiful wooden case it stores everything in too!

4. Cigar Humidor and Cigar Accessories Gift Set - $67.20
If your guy is anything like mine...or my dad, or brother, or uncles, or grandpa...then he'll love this! Not only is it a beautiful humidor, but it also comes with beautiful accessories! win-win!

5. Bushnell Night Vision Game Camera with Mount - $69.00 
This camera is awesome,but the great part is that it comes with a mounting kit! I would also recommend buying an SD card so they don't have to worry about running out of space.

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