Monday, November 18, 2013

Thanksgiving Goals

This will be our first Thanksgiving with a mobile, ninja-like toddler...and also the first one with her seven hours away from home in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. I'm really, really excited to get to see family and spend some time actually relaxing and enjoying myself, but there are a few concerns. Without further ado, I present my goals for this Thanksgiving:

1. Not die { they live on the side of a mountain, a very large, icy mountain. And really...shouldn't this be number one on every list? Just sayin' }

2. Keep up the illusion that we don't give our kid sweet tea in a sippy cup almost every day occasionally.

3.  Learn a little more about canning/preserving/hoarding for the zombie apocalypse/etc, etc.

4. Keep the Harry Potter, Downton Abbey, and Parks and Rec. quotes to a minimum...maybe, hell it's my family they're stuck with me either way.

5. Resist the urge to diagnose and share essential oils with anyone who speaks to me.{ But seriously...I could totally share one that would help that cough....just saying}

6. Come up with creative reasons why my child's clothes are all mostly stained...she's an art-tist expressing herself...yes...pancake syrup is a statement. 

7. Resist the sweets, resist the sweets, resist the sweets.

8. Keep the amount of broken priceless family heirlooms to a minimum.

9. Try not to cry too hard when number eight doesn't happen.

10. Keep political debates to a minimum and festive drinking to a maximum....oh wait they live in a dry county...

11. Try not to lose my sanity on the seven hour car ride up....and the one back down too. { Did I mention I'll be driving?}

12. Pray that the bargaining chips be forever in my favor and the power of Dum-Dum lollipops don't lose their strength after the first four times I use them to get Munchkin to be quiet in the car.

Yea it's a big list of goals, ah well...c'est la vie, so do tell....what are your holiday goals?

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