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Stocking Stuffers And Gift Ideas For Essential Oil Fans

Stocking Stuffers:

1. 10ml Roll On Bottle - $1.25
These are perfect for storing various blends and recipes, you can never have too many of them! Also be sure to check out these other bottle and jar gift ideas:
1oz Glass Spray Bottle - $1.75
150ml Glass Jar - $4.99
Lip Balm Tubes - $3.50 for a 10pk with lids

2.Lower Priced Everyday Use Oils
Even if they already have some of these oils they're ones that can be used everyday and for all sorts of blends and potions. ( prices are for 5ml size)
Cassia - $6.99    
Clove Bud - $5.99
Lavender - $6.99
Lemon - $5.99
Melaleuca - $6.99
Peppermint - $6.46
Wild Orange - $5.99

3. Peace Love Essential Oils Mug - $18.10
Ok, so this is a little more than your average "stocking stuffer" price but there are always coupons on Retail Me Not and they usually offer shipping discounts. flippin' cute is this mug?!

4. Lower Priced Essential Oil Blends
Here are a few great priced blends that ANYONE would be happy to see in their stocking. Prices are for the 5ml size.
Zen Grounding Blend - $8.99
Dream Sleep Blend - $8.99
Nature Outdoor Blend - $4.49

5. White Beeswax Pastilles - 8 oz - $8.35
There are just SO many ways you can utilize the wonderful properties of beeswax, and the pastilles make it so much easier to measure and melt. I'm personally a fan of the white because it's non-scented, but if you prefer the yellow ones they can be found here:
Yellow Beeswax Pastilles - 8oz - $7.99

Gift Ideas:

1. ZAQ Dew Diffuser - $56.00
I am in love with this diffuser. It's absolutely gorgeous and it's through Spark Naturals so unlike other places on the internet you know you're buying from a reputable dealer that will do their best to make sure you're 100% happy. And you can never have too in the living room, one in the bedroom, one in the nursery, one in the can have multiple cohesive smells all through the home.Other styles include:
ZAQ Noor Diffuser - $52.50
ZAQ Allay Diffuser - $52.50

2. Ah-Mazing Essential Oils
These are my opinions of course, but I honestly think you just can't go wrong with any of these picks ( oils are all 5ml sizes)
Frankincense - $24.99
Roman Chamomile - $19.85
Myrrh - $16.38
Sandalwood - $58.36

3. Carrier Oils & Coconut Oil
If you dabble in essential oils even in the least you'll be in need of some carrier oils. These are some of my favorites:
Sweet Almond Carrier Oil - 8oz - $18.99
Fractionated Coconut Carrier oil - 8oz - $17.99
Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil - 16oz - $19.95 ( solid form )

4. Kits
There are SO many awesome kits available that fit into every price range and need. My absolute favorite is the sanity saver kit because it has everything you need to help ease stress, pain, anxiety, and even help with sleeping...who couldn't use that?
Sanity Saver Kit - $49.99
Essential 4 Pack Kit - $19.99
Aromatic Kit - $62.50

5. Display/Storage Pieces
Wooden Tiered (pictured) - $25.00
Revolving Four Tray Bin - $19.99

Well, there you have it. Feel free to forward this list to those (sometimes) clueless hubbies, relatives, boyfriends, girlfriends, or anyone who keeps asking "well...what do you want?" also remember that if you do decide to buy any of the products from Spark Naturals 
use coupon code "Bubble" to save 10% off your whole order

Merry Christmas everyone! 

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