Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I apparently would never eat a hotdog in New York.

Hubby and I were watching one of our t.v. shows the other night and they happened to be in New York. The characters were walking together and having this really dramatic moment. They stopped for a minute to chat and discuss something then began walking again.

My random mind of course had drifted to the stuff in the background which happened to be a hot dog stand and I squinted a little so I could desperately read the prices and after the scene changed I absentmindedly said " wow...$3.00 for a hot dog" and Hubby gets a huge smile and replies " That is EXACTLY what I was thinking...it wasn't even a combo" and I was all "I know right?"

That folks is how you know you married your best friend.

PS - Our Thanksgiving went well, nothing was broken and Munchkin behaved like a perfect little angel. We survived the road down the mountain and we're beginning to get everything ready for Christmas season at our house! I really hope you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving. One of the highlights of mine is when we were leaving the tiny little North Carolina town and we passed a Starbucks ( inside of an Ingles grocery store of course ) and Hubby cracked up because next to the " Starbucks" sign they had to include the words " coffee" so people knew what the heck it was....ah mountain life.

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