Monday, October 13, 2014

Yep, it's official.

Hi guys! Do you remember a little while ago when I told you that I was super excited because Spark Naturals had Bliss calming blend on sale and that I really, really needed it but I couldn't say why at the moment? Yes..great, no..well you basically get the idea. 
Anywho, time has finally come to spill the beans....

I'm pregnant! 

Woo! I guess the fortune cookie of doom was finally right. That's not the only news however...oh no, things could not go that easily in this household. Here's a fun little rundown of what's been going on in my little bubble:

1. Hubby quits his side job on a Friday after much deliberating.
( it seemed smart in retrospect )
2. We find out we're pregnant on Saturday, literally the next day.
( who says God doesn't have a sense of humor?)
3. We find out Hubby got a fantastic new job we've been praying for.
( Woo!)
4. We begin the process of moving for this new job which is a whole new state away.
( During the first trimester mind you yyaaayyy )
5. We find the perfect house we like only to have it nabbed from under us a day before we finalize renting it.
( I told him we should have licked it )
6. The move is in less than two weeks and we don't "officially" have a place to rent yet.
( pfftt who needs a roof and solid walls am I right? totally nothing to stress over....)
7. New job means a switch in insurance while pregnant...
( can hear the sarcasm in this right? )

Needless to say things are a bit crazy. This pregnancy take two hasn't been the easiest, and combining it with a move to a whole other state has been quite the little adventure. Little Munchkin has been great so far and the family has been extremely supportive and helpful though. We're really, truly excited and feel blessed about all of this. 

Sometimes life just kind of happens all at once you know? I've found that it helps to laugh through the craziness, and smile through the stress. It will all work out, I'm certain of it so until it does I'll just keep the faith and write all about it to you, my loving friends who I swear I don't know what I'd do without sometimes. I hope life is treating you all well, and if you're having a crazy month like I am just think about how funny this will all be a few months from now! 

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