Friday, November 7, 2014

ZAQ Mirage Diffuser Review

Well we finally did it. We survived the trip to another state, the moving process, and things are finally getting settled back into a routine. Thank you everyone for being so patient with the blog. Hubby loves his new job, and we love our new house. Things are finally getting back to normal, well...with the added bonus of a new baby on the way! Even when things are settling down it's still fairly crazy around here, I'm sure you can relate. Anywho....this move happened to fall literally two days after our anniversary ( 4 years married, 10 years together) and we had decided to wait until we got settled to celebrate. Hubby being the wonderful man he is though surprised me with a diffuser

I have been wanting a diffuser for AGES. Normally in the past if I wanted to distribute essential oils into the air I'd put some water on the stove on low and add a few drops but it just wasn't the same. For one the smell dissipates fairly quickly, and then you have the bulkiness of a pot on the stove constantly running, and that's not even mentioning the cleanup. Needless to say this wasn't my favorite method, but it did the job. At least I thought it was sufficient until I was introduced to this bad boy: The ZAQ Mirage. You guys...I have seen the light. Without going on much further let's hop into the review shall we? 

1. This machine is beautiful
There are LOTS of diffusers out there and to be honest most look, well...a little crazy. They look like something off an alien ship, they're not very appealing to the eye. If you have one of these odd shaped ones..sorry, don't mean to offend you or anything but they're just not my personal style. The mirage is gorgeous though. It has elegant lines and an overall smooth shape. It's really very pretty, especially when the lights are on and changing. 

2. Seamlessly fits into the decor
This is a little similar to my first point, but because the machine doesn't jut out or have an odd shape it really fits easily into the decor. It's closer to the ground more than most of the other models so it wont stick up and catch the eye and it's all white. You can opt to turn the color changing feature off while the machine is running if you prefer the Mirage to stay in that all-white state. White tends to blend in with most rooms and decor so this is a home run. 

3. Quiet while running
This thing is practically silent. No more covering your head to sleep at night over the sounds of a humidifier...this thing is quiet. I don't hear it at all, literally. I run it all the time when Munchkin is sleeping and you just simply wouldn't know it was running if not for the changing colors and mist. If your house is super quiet you might notice the small hum, but not if you have little munchkins running around and a washing machine going I promise you.  

4. Distributes the essential oils into the air quickly
I usually run mine in the open center of the house and within the hour you can smell it in both adjoining rooms. Granted it's not as strong as in the main room, but the scent does travel which means the oils are traveling which is exactly what you want. With the pot on the stove method the scent is only in the kitchen. 

5. The EO smells last the whole time
As I said before, with the pot on the stove the smell might last an hour..if you're lucky and you put a lot of oils in. It usually dissipates quicker than that though. That's not the case with the Mirage. I can smell whatever blend I put into the machine the whole time it runs. It of course gets fainter the more closer to the water running out it is, but throughout the process you continually smell the oils. 

6. The gentle changing of the colors
I didn't think I'd like this feature to be honest with you, but as soon as I turned it on I was in love. The colors aren't super bright and contrasting it's very gentle. It's very calming and therapeutic. Munchkin also loves the colors and I usually move the diffuser into her room at night so she can watch the "pretty" colors change while she drifts off to sleep. What's better than lulling colors while diffusing bliss blend for little ones? 

7. Long lasting 
My absolute favorite thing about this diffuser ( sorry I didn't list it on the pic..I blame the pregnancy brain) is how long the diffusing process lasts once you turn it on. I read some reviews of other diffusers and they mentioned shutting off after only 4 or 5 hours and I wasn't very interested. I chase after a Munchkin all day, I've got a house to maintain, and supper to be cooked I don't have time to keep refilling a diffuser. This baby is totally different though. I simply put the water in to the fill line, press the button and it runs for 10-12 hours. It's INCREDIBLE. Plus it has an automatic shut off so I don't even have to worry about catching it when the water runs out, it simply just shuts itself off. 

Those are my top favorite things about this baby. 
Now let's look at actually running it. 
Like I said before it's REALLY easy. 

You simply plug the Mirage in. Make sure you set it on a nice, solid, flat surface. You don't want the machine to be anywhere that it can get knocked over, fall, or be tipped. Then you simply take the top off. It sits on it, there's no twisting, pulling, etc. Then you add water to the fill line (as close to room temp as you can. Not too hot, not too cold), add your essential oils then replace the lid. 
When you're ready you simply press the power button. 

Pressing the power button once
 will begin the diffusing process and light changing 
Pressing the power button twice
 will stop the color changing and leave it on whatever color you'd like
Pressing the power button three times
 will turn the colors off while still diffusing 
Pressing the power button four times 
will turn the machine off. 

See? It's SO easy! 

Well that's about it. 
If you have any questions please feel free to message me and
 I'll do my best to answer. Like always, if you'd like to 
get one from Spark Naturals you can use 
coupon code "Bubble" to save 10% off your whole order 

Now the real fun begins: exploring new diffuser blends! 

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