Tuesday, October 8, 2013

You guys...I might be turning into a hippie.

I think this all started when I had munchkin because before her I never gave much thought about what I was eating, breathing or putting into my body. It seems really crazy to type that out, but it's totally true. I would roll my eyes at anyone who began talking about organic or going green. I would literally snicker, in fact I was borderline rude, but I didn't mean to be...it was just that my mind automatically conjured images of seaweed, veggie burgers, judgey yoga types, and un-shaved armpits. I know...I know....ridiculous. That was me though, well at least it was until Munchkin came along.

Then after she was born I found myself not only reading labels like it was my job, but also making my own baby food so I KNEW what was going in it. I began questioning what we were giving her, and soon taking notice of what we were putting in us. That led to taking a hard look at the cleaners and air fresheners we were using and breathing in along with the food. There's some scary stuff out there guys when you start paying attention.

So we've started buying produce at our local farmer's markets, recycling, comparing labels ( sometimes the organic stuff has more crap in it then the generic store brand stuff so read labels y'all), and switching to all-natural, chemical-free products,and the search for that switch led me to essential oils.

I'm one of those people who gets a mild headache at least once every two days and a migraine once a week, and when they strike the only think I've found that helps even a little is Excedrin Migraine. Obviously this is a huge concern when it comes to taking that much medicine. So you can imagine how happily surprised I was to hear multiple sources swearing by the use of these natural oils to cure headaches, and even...you guessed it....migraines.

Also it seems like everyone and their brother wants us to give Munchkin a flu shot or "urge" us to get one, and to be honest with you I don't know one person who has decided to get the shot ( and previously had never gotten the flu) to suddenly get the flu when given the shot, or having to take it every single year or they get the flu guaranteed. I'm just not comfortable with that, sorry. I do however want to protect her and when I began reading about essential oils there are SO many blends and remedies that are suppose to protect and heal when it comes to colds and flues. I was immediately intrigued.

So of course that meant re-search and I am here to tell you ( two weeks and countless websites, books, and articles later) that apparently there's something pretty amazing in essential oils. Everywhere I read there were stories from people who swear by essential oils like I mentioned above for banishing migraines, warding off and easing the flu, and also things from healing sores, baby acne, sanitizing, sleeping better, boosting their moods, cleaning, and much...much....much....more.That wasn't enough for me though, I also polled all of my friends and relatives asking them about their experiences with essential oils. I was surprised at how many people that I personally know use them everyday and swear by them.

Well that was enough for me to begin my search on ordering some and by the way that process turned into a whole debacle. It's so confusing to figure out where to purchase, what's worth the money, who you can trust, and this company hates that company and also did you know there were multi-level salesman companies? Think Mary Kay and Avon....but for essential oils, I wasn't a fan. So I did a whole lot more digging and I've landed on Spark Naturals as my favorite.

They are HIGHLY recommended and offer some great prices. So I ordered my "beginners" kit from them that has four of the most popular oils ( Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca ( tea tree) and Peppermint) for only $19.99 ( plus if you type in " Bubble " for a coupon code you get 10% off your whole order!). Awesome. You just wont find a better deal than that people, and I also ordered a roller-ball bottle to make up a concoction for headaches. I am just SUPER excited about trying these out, I can't wait for my kit to arrive!

So there it is, I am about 80% sure I'm turning into a hippie. Ok, maybe not a hippie, but a naturalist. No...I don't like that...it makes me sound like a nudist which I most definitely am not ( you're welcome world). Purists? No..I like cheeseburgers and SUVs too much. Ok...let's go with hippie for now...

p.s.- If you want a little more information on essential oils I would check out One Good Thing By Jillee and I also have a few informational pins on my Organization & Cleaning  board on Pinterest and of course I will keep you guys updated on my experiences, uses and opinions on the oils...fingers crossed

Also...this post is all me, I am not sponsored and I was not given anything free ( I am not that popular nor that big, but thanks for the thought, if...you were wondering that...) I did however enter a banner contest with Spark and I made THIS ONE ( with the leaves) so if you like it please vote for me!


  1. Well I hope you enjoy Sparking, I know several people who really love it. With my allergies, I just can't get my head around going to a party to check it out. Sounds like a recipe for a migraine to me. I do remember when Beth was a baby though, we went with cloth diapers, and I breastfed until I just couldn't anymore, and it's amazing how having a munchkin changes your perspective on how to run that temple God gave you! Good luck! I've gotta get my butt back in gear on my blog soon!

    1. I know right!?!!? You just don't think about so many things that now you can't go one day without thinking about. you really do, lol I love your blog!!!!