Monday, October 21, 2013

Limits: sometimes you find yours the hard way.

Well if you've been reading my blog at all this past month you know I've embarked on a journey of "going green" in all the ways that I possibly can, especially when it comes to the food we eat and the chemicals, and medicines we use. Actually, I take that back...I hate the term " going green" it makes me think of the flu or little aliens capturing my body. Maybe Modern Hippie? Pioneer-ing? Modern Old-World-ing? Wellness Cleaning? Danggit...I need a term for this.

Anyway, I digress. 

It was Sunday afternoon when I came upon the term "Oil Pulling". Have you heard of it? It's suppose to cleanse your mouth, pull toxins, and even whiten teeth naturally using oil, like my beloved coconut oil. Basically you wake up in the morning, put some in your mouth, swish it around for about fifteen minutes,
spit it out, then brush your teeth and walla! Healthier, cleaner mouth! I read some reviews, looked it up on tons of websites and resolved to try it in the morning.

So I woke up today, opened my jar of coconut oil, scooped a little out and then put it into my mouth. The minute I had it in my mouth ( still in a fairly solid chunk) my gag reflex kicked up, but no..that was not going to deter me. I rationalized that I was gagging because it was still solid so I began trying to melt it with my tongue and move it around...big mistake. I began dry heaving all over the bathroom, I gripped the sink and tried to let it pass, but no...this was not going to happen.

I leaned over the sink and the second before spitting it all out I remembered reading something about it clogging sinks ( because it goes back to a solid form) and so I lunged for the trash can and tripped over Rhett ( our new kitten) who apparently had been watching this whole debacle, and when I tripped some of the oil when down my throat which made me cough and gag it all up over the floor.

So there I sat this morning, trying to soothe a freaked out kitten ( who had an odd look on his face like...good Lord, why did I have to get adopted by the weirdos?), and cleaning up half solidified, puked up coconut oil. I am all for natural healing, but know your limits people.

( If you want more info on this you can check it out HERE at Wellness Mama or  HERE at Swanson Vitamins )

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