Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Love Affair with Coconut Oil

Here lately I have been asked more and more about what type of shampoo I use which I guess means that my hair looks shiny and healthy therefore people think it must be an expensive shampoo. While I do use a certain shampoo I assure you it is not expensive nor is it all credit to the shampoo. My hair was really full and thick while pregnant, and rarely broke. Now that munchkin is in the world my hormones have all went back to normal and all that fullness is leaving. Plus I use to have TONS of hair falling out, literally a handful every time I ran my hands through it. Doing this little treatment two or three times a week has made a world of difference. My hair seems stronger and it's definitely a lot softer. I was a little skeptical at first because my hair is super oily, but this will help and you will be glad you did it. Trust Me.

1. Hair Treatment
I take a handful of this stuff and run it through my hair making sure to coat all of the strands. It will become super soft almost the minute you hold it so don't try to melt it or anything. I then put it up into a bun on top of my hair and secure it. I leave it on for a minimum of twenty minutes ( sometimes thirty-five) then rinse it out with my shampoo. The Shampoo and Conditioner I use is Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair and I swear by it. Seriously it is amazing and I do this treatment one or two times a week. 

2. Tough Spot Lotion. After you put this stuff in your hair and go to wash your hands just rinse off the oil don't use soap and see how soft your hands are. I usually put it on my really tough and cracked areas ( elbows, knees etc) and let it soak in. It beats any normal lotion out there.

3. Foot Lotion. I love putting the oil on my feet and covering them with fuzzy soft socks and leaving them there overnight. When you take the sock off in the morning your feet are baby smooth.

4. Chapstick. I have really bad chapped lips and if I'm using chapstick I have to re-apply it every hour or so and when I put the coconut oil on it it will be five or six hours before I notice that I need to re-apply it.

5. Great on burns. This one I just found out about three weeks ago when I burned my arm on my waffle maker..don't ask. I applied it three times a day because the burn was cracking and peeling and sure made it all smooth and ready to heal. I haven't tried it on a fresh burn but I'm accident prone so I'm sure I'll get to test that theory soon.

6. I have never tried it, but a friend of mine said that she used it at night (as lotion) mixed with a little lemon juice and it lightened her stretch marks dramatically after her son was born. I really need to give this one a try.

7. I never had to use it as a new mom, but I have heard you can use it on sore nipples for breastfeeding mommies.

8. Speaking of babies, munchkin has only gotten one small spot on her from diaper rash and I applied coconut oil to it and it was gone by the next day. Like I said, it was small but it def. made me a believer.

9.Tattoo Cream. My Hubby has his wedding band tattooed on his finger, and he applied coconut oil to it until it was completely healed and he had barely any color fading, skin peeling or itching.

10. Cellulite Buster. If you mix some coffee grinds and coconut oil together and scrub them on your cellulite it's a double threat. The caffeine in the coffee and the moisture in the oil work together to help make you look supermodel smooth. ( best to do in the shower)

11. Furniture polish. I use a tiny bit and rub down all of my wooden furniture with it. It makes them shiny, and lookin' good.

12.Making the faucet look shiny and polished. Try taking a tiny bit of it with a paper napkin, apply it to the faucet then take the other end of the paper napkin and dip it in water and then run it over the sink as well. You then take a dry napkin and buff it out so it will look like brand spanking new.

13. If your hair is frizzy you can take a tiny bit and run it through your hair to get it nice and sleek.

14. Munchkin has developed these weird scaly spots on her elbows and a small patch on her back and I have been using coconut oil on them for a few days and have already noticed a difference plus I don't have to worry about it if she gets some in her mouth.

15. I also like to apply the oil around my fingernails when I'm painting them. Whenever you make a mistake the oil lets you swipe it right off your skin. Then once I'm done and dry I have soft hands AND new nails.

16. For another simple body scrub...without the caffeine for cellulite you can mix brown sugar with the coconut oil.You can also add some essential oils to this mixture such as vanilla or lavender to create a mini-spa experience.

Well there ya go! You now know all about my little jar of awesome possum coconut oil. Try some of these tips out, and I think you'll be surprised at the outcome.

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