Monday, January 7, 2013

Teriyaki Chicken Pieces. See how wrong that sounds?

The jars above were my small Sunday project. You kind of have to click the picture to read why I needed to give my jars a makeover, but there they are. I like the chalk much better. I had some leftover Avery labels in the back and I just spray painted Krylon's Chalkboard Paint over them and there you go. Easy Peasy. Yes spell check I know "Peasy" is not a word but you know what I like it. Speaking of words, LSSU put out their list of words that should be banned in 2013 and there are some I agree with and some I do not....among them are:

1. List number four " Job Creators/Creation"
I get their point it sounds like fairytale beings waving their wands and creating jobs but c'mon...wouldn't a group of broke college students be in support of  job creators even if it did sound  mythical? Instead of trying to ban their titles maybe they should sacrifice job applications, and pencil skirts to them.

2. List number five " Passion/Passions"
Who peed in their cornflakes? I love the word passion, the world needs more of the word passion. It seems to me like maybe the group writing this list wasn't getting much passion at home if you know what I mean.

3. List number six " YOLO"
I agree, 100% and then some. Jack Black said it best: " I'm pretty sure YOLO is carpe diem for stupid people". 

4, List number seven " Spoiler Alert"
Dude, if this list was something actually enforced and that word was actually banned and someone told me the ending of my book before I finished it they would have that book thrown at their book ruining face. The world needs Spoiler Alerts!!!!

5. List number eight " Bucket List"
OK I see your point, it seems like everyone and their mama is using this term, but what else is the alternative? We use it when describing something we want to accomplish before we die, what else would we call it? Things to do before I die list? Death List? Before my Gravestone but After This Point Forward List?
6.List number eleven " Boneless Wings"
John McNamara said  "Can we just call them chicken (pieces)?" John McNamara, Lansing, Mich. OH YEAH John that sounds so much better... " excuse me waitress I would like a large coke and some chicken pieces please, oh and make them extra crispy too." The word pieces should not be used as a food title especially when it comes to meat.

In other news, the new season of Rachel & Guy Celebrity Cook Off premiered last night! I thought it was pretty good, I felt that Gilbert Godfrey was just trying to win some money for a charity and didn't read the specifics about having to actually have the ability to cook. Bless his heart. I think it should be a good season. Only a few more days and the Vampire Diaries start back up! YAY!!! Finding Bigfoot premiered last night as's one of those cheesy shows that Hubby and I love to watch and make fun of...but in the nicest way possible I assure you. It cracks us up how they always say " Bigfoots are known to...." or " It's been proven that Bigfoots....". Do yourself a favor and google finding bigfoot memes, you will not regret it. Anyhow..that was pretty much my Sunday, a small project, lots of family time and some good shows too. Hope yours was just as great! 


  1. 1. You'd think those college students would be all FOR Job Creation because someday they're gonna need JOBS to PAY OFF their colossal STUDENT LOANS!
    2. YEAH! (Passionately!)
    3. YEAH! (Also passionately, YOLO is absolutely STOPID. It's too stupid to be spelled correctly).
    4. Spoiler Alert: At least give me a scale or something, because this is used way too often, kinda like middle management use the word "PRIORITY". When EVERYTHING is a priority, NOTHING is a priority. So for instance, I may want to know what the spoiler alert is if it's some teasing little tidbit about whether Sookie and Bill are going to get back together on True Blood (which is basically R-rated Vampire Diaries, and funnier) because I've read the books (also totally silly) and they stick close enough to the books that I THINK I know where the next season is going, and then all of a sudden BLAMMO, Claude is all emo and hipster-ish in a half-starved kinda way, when I was really looking forward to some serious Fairy beefcake. However, revealing silly bits of nonsense like possibly Dumbledore was gay is NOT a spoiler alert, that's just gossip. But if someone had told me that Dobby DIED at the end of Part One of HP and the Never Ending Camping Trip (before I read the book which I always did anyway) I woulda been TORQUED OFF (which means mad, possibly in Canadian because I've been in the US long enough to have originally spelled that with a K, but it looked wrong, and we Canadians are awfully fond of unnecessary U's here and there, hence the overuse of the oft-maligned Q). So I agree that we need the TERM "Spoiler Alert", but I want a scale, kinda like the Rants From Mommyland Early Warning System. As pictured HERE:
    5. Bucket List wasn't really an issue for me until I got sucked into Pinterest, and now I just automatically Unfollow any board called Bucket List because I am now over 40, slightly jaded, and seriously in doubt that I'll ever get to go SCUBA diving while spelunking in the jeweled caves of Peruvistan or what have you. My Bucket List consists of aging as gracefully as possible while maintaining a sense of humor about gravity and my cleavage.
    6. Really? I get it. I do understand that "pieces" really shouldn't be considered food, just like anything referred to as "____ Food Product". I'm just surprised it made their list. This is college students we're talking about right? Or have I been ranting with the wrong context all along?

    Bigfoot memes are THE BOMB. Funnier than Grumpy Cat. Love and squishies, I'm out.

    1. YES! A scale! That would be the way to go. Maybe one is something you could have figured out from the title. Two is something you could have figured out from the description on the back of the book. Three is something you will find out within the first few pages. Four is something that you won't find out about until the middle. Five is the big enchilada, the spoiler that tells you all about the book. I like it and so help me nobody better come near me past a level two. OMG I have read ALL of Charlaine Harris' books and I adore them. I don't watch TruBlood because Im really cheap and pretty much have basic cable but I'm sort of glad I don't know because I would have thrown something at my t.v. if I saw claude like that. I always pictured him as someone like Kellan Lutz. Emo and half-starved might make me cry and ruin the books forever.

    2. LOL I just scared my cat I laughed so hard! I'm a little older than you so I had John Stamos in mind, but whatev!