Monday, May 13, 2013

I count having only two awkward moments as a good day

 I hope you wonderful ladies had a great Mother's Day yesterday. Mine went quite well, Hubby let me sleep in then brought me breakfast in bed (waffles with coffee). We all took showers, got dressed and he surprised me with a trip to Alligator Adventure which is an AWESOME wildlife park with lots and lots of alligators and really cool things to see. I could have spent a whole week there. This wasn't the first time we visited, but I enjoy it every time I go, and it was the first time that we took little Munchkin.

 We spent most of the day looking at all the gators and watching all the wildlife shows, I swear there is something about a killer, large creature that just draws me to it. My favorite animals in order are this: Shark, Dinosaur, and Alligator. Yes, I know dinosaur doesn't count, but you can see their bones which is almost like seeing them therefore...I think it does count and this is my blog so....there. We had lots of fun and only two awkward moments so that qualifies for a good day in my opinion.

The first was when Hubby saw a friend of his and this was while we were eating by the way. I had decided to have cheesy chips which are like thinly sliced potatoes...fried....then smothered with cheese, and chives on top of them. It was delicious but the cheese wasn't easy to pick up and scoop with a fork so I was having to use my hands. When Hubby introduced the guy I smiled and then he offered his hand which I immediately took because apparently I am a handshake whore and I cannot help myself.

I soon noticed that I had cheese on my hand that then smeared onto his hand

To his credit the man didn't flinch or even wipe it off he just stood there like a proper southern gentleman and eventually left saying " nice to meet you" which made me feel like I had given a great person the cold germs...except instead of a sickness it was dried cheese. Ah well.....

So then I was in the restroom and you know....doing my thing....when the woman in the stall next to me started cussing, yelling and crying all at the same time. From what I gathered....a woman who she knew sent her messages of her husband in bed with her. She was on the phone with the husband and giving him hell. She told him to pack his bags and a few other colorful alliterations that I'm not going to put on here.

I quietly went to the sink and washed my hands when she hung up the phone, and threw her stall door open, making her way to the sink where I was.

 I did not make eye contact. I thought about giving words of encouragement but she threw that door open like she was going to snap the neck of the next woman who spoke to her so I kept my mouth shut. It was probably the most awkward 6 seconds of my life.

Hubby and I made it to the house where we then decided to try out this recipe for cooking a WHOLE fryer chicken. We had never, ever cooked a whole chicken so we were pretty excited and a little nervous. I'll be honest I let Hubby do the stuffing part. I taste tested the cooking wine. The chicken turned out awesome, but the gravy turned out pretty horrible. We ended up not using it at all.P.s.- the little burnt pieces in the pan are "roasted" garlic and lemons, I think next time we we'll put some chicken stock in the pan with the chicken while it bakes. Oh and learn, either way we had lots of fun and it ended being an awesome Mother's Day. Hope you ladies had a great one as well!!

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