Monday, September 9, 2013

Beacuse I'm the weirdo who develops allergies at the age of 26 that's why.

The other day my little family had decided to visit a produce market and we got a few peaches, apples, some squash and blueberries.Yesterday I was telling Hubby about how excited I was to put them in a cobbler and I grabbed about four of the peaches and held them to my face to inhale their delicious aroma. A little weird maybe, but harmless right? WRONG.

I poured a glass of tea, and sat on the couch watching Munchkin play in the floor. I texted a friend of mine, about 15 minutes had passed and then suddenly my face started itching. I rubbed it a little, not too worried and then it felt like someone had set it one fire. I ran to the bathroom, washed my face and tried not to scratch it off. I looked into the mirror and had huge welts on my face, my lips were swollen and hives were spreading all over it. I ran back in the living room and screamed something at Hubby about my face being on fire and what the heck is going on. He calmly looked me over and said it was an allergic reaction and what the heck did I put to my face.

After taking two benadryl tablets we finally figured out it must have been the peaches. I didn't think it was possible so what is the normal reaction to deduce this problem? Rub it on my wrist of course! So Hubby does just that and of course within five minutes my wrist is red, swollen, broken out and burning. Hubby is getting concerned, I'm wailing about not being able to eat peach cobbler again and then my throat starts swelling.

Hubby wanted to take me into the ER asap, but I was like "Dude, we don't have health insurance, and it's just one side of my throat so chill" which of course he did not. So there we were with Munchkin trying to figure out why mommy had a bag of peas pressed to her face, Daddy was hovering over mommy like a hawk and asking " Are you OK? Is it any worse?" a million times and mommy simultaneously waving him away and crying about Chick-Fil-A's peach milkshake.

It was eventful to say the least.

I woke up today with itchy hives still on my face and wrist. We thought about it though and I haven't had one peach since giving birth to Munchkin. The Dr. had said that my body would change and I totally expected the stretch marks, but peaches?!? Glorious, southern, sweet peaches!?!?!! I guess I should be thankful it's nothing like dairy or chocolate, but it still sucks. I did wash those peaches before I put them in the bowl FYI, and Hubby rubbed them on himself plus earlier that day Munchkin had been playing with them, and they both had eaten them so it's definitely me.

 I've never had an allergy, I've never had to watch what I ate and what I was around.

Like today I was feeding Munchkin one of those squeeze fruit pouches and without thinking I got some on the pouch and licked it off and then I went into panic mode about possibly having peaches in it. It's just so strange. So yea, I now have a friggen peach allergy. awesome.

Now if you'll excuse me while I go delete everything "peach" off my Pinterest board.


  1. Boo. Allergies SUCK. However, with this one in particular, it may be just the fuzz that you're allergic to. So if you really REALLY love them, wait a few weeks (yes WEEKS, but it's better than NEVER) until it's all out of your system completely and dribble some peach juice on your arm to see if you react. Often it's the fuzz.

    1. I have done a little research and apparently you are right and yes, the allergic reaction tends to be more towards the fuzz than the juice or meat but I don't know if I'm brave enough lol.