Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Top 15 Fall Recipes

1. Caramel Apples by Dashing Desserts
This list HAD to start out with caramel apples. I LOVE caramel apples and being the complicated dumb-dumb that I am I always tried making the caramel sauce from scratch and it always ended up being a ruined mess. I could have kicked myself after seeing how easy it is to do if you follow these simple steps using wrapped store caramels!

2. Quick and Easy Pumpkin Pancakes by Something Sweet Something Salty
We obviously LOVE the pumpkin flavor in my household so this one is a winner in our book. I just can't decide if I like these better with maple syrup on top or apple butter...hhmmm.

3. Mini Pumpkin Pie Croissants by Shaken Together
I saw this recipe and I'm fairly certain my jaw hit the floor. I didn't even think this was a thing! How could I have not known about some of my two favorite things: fall flavor and bread coming together so perfectly!?!

4. Butternut Squash Soup by Martha Stewart
The absolute best thing about this recipe (other than the fact that it's really easy) is that she gives you directions on how to freeze it a few days before you need it and how to perfectly thaw it out. Awesome.

5. Stuffed Pumpkin With Cheese, Bacon,and Chipotle by Homesick Texan
Don't let the ingredient list scare you off, you literally just throw them all in the pumpkin and bake. It looks ( and tastes) like it took you all day and hours of slaving away in the kitchen, yay!

6. Chocolate Halloween Bark by The Curvy Carrot
I LOVE making bark for the holidays and I had never seen a Halloween one that incorporated peanuts and chocolate yyuumm. So I cannot wait to make this one!

7. Baked Apples with Oatmeal Streusel by Cooking Outside the Box
I actually made this recipe last year and it was a HUGE hit. Everyone loved the flavor and it was SO easy to make!

8. Crispy Rice Candy Corn Treats by Baked Perfection
I've never made rice crispy treats before and this recipe most definitely makes me want to try plus I LOVE the fun colors.

9. Pumpkin Spice Trifle by 52 Mantels
Ok, anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for a delicious trifle and when I saw this one I literally called for Hubby to come and look. This looks AMAZING and I cannot wait to try the flavors together!

 10. Pumpkin Pie Milkshake by Sassy Mama In LA
One of my favorite treats when the fall season came rolling around was a pumpkin pie milkshake from Jack in the Box. Sadly, we do not have them down here at the beach. BOO! So you can imagine that when I found this little recipe I jumped for joy! She also uses almond milk which I had not even thought about using so I can't wait to see how it tastes.

11. No Bake Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes by A Family Feast
I LOVE how adorable these look and they sound delicious too. It seems like an easy dessert to make in the morning and then make pretty and serve right before you need it. Awesome.

12. Butterfinger Popcorn by Cookin' Cowgirl
You guys know how much I LOVE making flavored popcorn and I also love butterfingers so this combination of the two is sure to be delicious! I only wish my Mom ( aka the most butterfinger lovin' person ever) was here to taste it!

13. Apple Rings by How To: Simplify 
I saw this and thought it looked like a really original and fairly easy recipe. I had never heard of fried apple rings and we love apples so I think we're going to give this one a shot soon. 

 14. Smooth and Sweet Caramel Apple Dip by Zesty Cook
This dip looks so easy to make and sounds amazing plus it needs a few hours to set up so it would be the perfect crowd dessert to make the night before then get up the next day and walla you have an awesome dessert ready to go!

15. DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte Starbucks Copycat by Who Needs a Cape? 
I of course had to end this list with a copycat of the most favorite fall drink known to man: The Pumpkin Spice Latte!   

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  1. Thank you so much for including our {copycat} Pumpkin Spice Latte, we just love fall too! Inviting you to stop by our SUPER SUNDAY Link Party, goes live every Saturday at 9pmEST. :)

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  2. Nickie, this is my first time to your blog (so glad I found you) and I think this list is great. I've printed off several recipes. Thanks a bunch! I got a go now and check your older posts. :-)

    1. Welcome to the site and thank you so much for your sweet words, they made my day!