Sunday, February 9, 2014

It happened again

I feel like I could do a whole series in the misadventures of fortune cookies. It seems like I always end up with the weird ones. You guys remember THIS one, THIS one, THIS one, and finally THIS one ( LE GASP! I just re-read over the last post where the fortune cookie predicted that I would go into a new line of work and literally six months later I became a stay at home mommy....freaky right?)

Anyways, we were eating at our favorite little Chinese place when the following happened:

ME: " mine says you will soon be very giving...I think that means you're getting lucky sweetheart"
* He opens his and begins laughing so hard he can't even read it so I took it from him and read *
ME: " You will be receiving great pleasures soon"

I can't even make this stuff up you guys. I immediately grabbed the fortunes and stuck them in my pocket so I could make a blog post. Unfortunately I forgot about them when I got home and washed those pants....hence why there is no picture. My bad. 

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