Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Smell me guys

Recently I discovered a little company called Fandlemonium. They are self described as "candles for geeks" I however prefer to call them dream makers....or enablers....depending on which side of the fandom you're on.

They make candles that are scented in a way that describes and brings to life your favorite fandom characters. Sherlock. They have Sherlock. They also have the Tardis, Harry Potter, and Dean Winchester among many others.

I was like a little schoolgirl you guys. What's better than watching Sherlock? Smelling Sherlock! Or better yet, watching Sherlock while you smell Sherlock! I argued this case to Hubby who informed me I was starting to scare him a little and suggested that maybe I had a problem, but you guys understand. You are my people.

That got me thinking though, what would I smell like? Not now, in a weird have you showered today thing or what does your house smell like. I mean if I was a character in a movie or show and my real life was some fiction life what would my character scents be?

Margaritas? Honestly no....I had maybe three since Munchkin was born. Dogs? I love animals, but would find it offensive to have one of my signature scents be of a dog. How do you bottle awkwardness and the tendency to drop things? What is the scent of an under-achieving, loving, obsessive, clean freak?

Well I honestly did give it some thought and if I were a candle character this is what my scents would be (I kept it to three max, I think anymore and it would just smell like a febreze factory)

1. Books
Because I would be lost without them, and I owe so very much to them.
2. Coffee
Because I would kill people without it..... and it invokes memories of drinking coffee with my Mom, Grandma, Aunt, and family at my Grandma's house in Louisiana
3. Vanilla 
 Because it reminds me of baking with my mom and someday teaching Munchkin to bake, and cooking with the Hubs.

So there it is, I think that'd make a pretty good candle if I do say so myself. So tell me...what are your three scents?

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  1. Sounds good! ;) When can we start a Nickie candle?

    We're glad you found us and thank you for the kind comments. We are working on new characters so keep checking in!