Friday, April 4, 2014

Am I the only one?

Ok, so I finally got to watch Disney's Frozen movie and I have to admit, it was pretty good. I honestly didn't think it was as good as everyone was making it out to be ( The Princess And The Frog was much better) but the songs are super catchy and I love the characters.

 However, I do have some issues with this movie. I really felt like Disney spent all of their time and money creating awesome songs and these great characters and then they were just sort of like...hhhmmm we don't really have a story line so let's just kind of stick them here *smoosh characters together*  yep..that works.. Let me explain, and yes I do realize how debating a Disney movie might suggest I need a few therapy sessions, I totally agree but I'm poor so you all will just have to suffice for my therapy, good? Great. Let's move on.

1. Elsa randomly has powers and Anna does not?
Ok, so you're telling me in a land with NO magic at all whatsoever one daughter just randomly has magic and the other doesn't? Why? That makes no sense. Maybe if she had been cursed, but no....they said born that way with powers. Why not the other one? Did their mom eat sushi or something with one pregnancy...maybe stand in front of the microwave, I don't know it just doesn't make sense.

2. Crappy parenting.
I'm usually not one to judge other people's parenting styles ( at least not out loud ) but Disney really dropped the ball on these two. They force their daughter to keep these random powers contained to the point of her not being able to be around her sister. Whether the distance between the two was something the parents insisted on or not, if you see your kids are losing each other you step in....not encourage it.

3. Who ran the country? 
Ok, so you're telling me that when a KING and QUEEN of a country died the whole country was ran by a completely inexperienced young girl who was a shut-in and never left the castle? I call bull. There's no way a country could be ran like that. That place would be in turmoil in days much less years. Also...why did Anna never leave the castle? I get why Elsa didn't, but Anna was free to do and be around whoever she wanted. It just again...doesn't make sense.

( I'm just going to skip over the part where she makes a vow to be a queen and lead people then two frames later she abandons them. Yes they were calling her a sorceress, but c'mon man...crazyness is part of the job. Belle wouldn't have up and left...I'm just sayin')

4. Ice castle? 
Alright, so she has spent almost her whole entire life concealing and keeping her powers hidden and then suddenly overnight she can use them to build an ice mansion? Nope. She is running up the stairs as she is building them after using her powers for the first time in that capacity in years..possibly in forever...I bull.

5. Olaf?
Speaking of random powers. Since when and why did she suddenly get the ability to create living things out of snow? That didn't happen when she was creating the snow people as a child, so why now? Again, makes no sense.

6. The Abominable Snowman
Alright, so her main concern is keeping her sister safe, and urging her to leave so she won't be hurt. Ok great I get that, but her way to solve that problem is to create a 200 ft mean, abominable snowman that chunks her sister and her beau off a cliff?? Yea...the whole safety're doing it wrong.

7. Trust me.,.she's dead. 
Some random dude who has barely been in the country for three days says that a monarch has died and everyone just takes his word on it? Really? No one makes sure that she's actually dead, and what about the castle staff who SAW her alive, did they not think to see what was up? Seems a little fishy to me.

8.  Anna's dying...
She's so frail that she cannot crawl three feet to the fireplace and light a match to keep herself alive, but she has no issues trekking down her iced over castle and crossing across a frozen tundra in the middle of a friggen blizzard. I mean...really.

9. Love?
I don't really get the ending. Soooo she figures out true love can thaw Anna's frozen heart and then suddenly she knows how to control her power? How would that apply to the frozen kingdom? A few days ago she was throwing ice around like crazy and now because she knows about true love she can master her powers? The next time she ices someone on accident they have to get kissed or try to save someone? I don't get it.

Ok, yea I might need some therapy, but c'mon you have to admit I bring up some valid points here. Like I said before, I liked the movie. I'll be buying it and yes..I already know all of the words to the songs, but the story just doesn't make sense to me. Sorry. So tell me...what are your opinions on the movie?

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