Saturday, February 16, 2013

Live Your Best Life Challenge March Update!

Alright lovelies if you started your Oprah 's Live Your Best Life Challenge on the same day that I did mine then you have completed one month! Awesome, I really hope you did better than me. This past month was filled with a lot of work junk, some sickness, and Hubby leaving town so I barely had time to keep everything together much less do well on my challenge. I did stick with the Deep Breath, and Confidence badge so that's something, and I have earned a total of 427 points. The biggest thing to remember is that this is a positive experience. If you slip, or miss a few days it's OK because this is about bettering yourself, going at your speed, and doing this how you want.

I decided that each month I will add one new badge to my list of goals. I'm really happy about my main 7 goals, but I wanted to add something new to challenge myself. Here is how I'm doing so far with my badges:

1. Daily Reading
This one has been fairly easy to keep excluding the days that I fall asleep the second I crawl into bed.

2. Deep Breath
This one has been an easy one to remember to do, and I honestly do feel like it has made an improvement over my daily calmness

3. DeStress
This one is kind of tough. I'm still having a hard time letting it all go before I let it get to me, but all you can do is keep trying. This is a process.

4. Confidence
I like this one, and I feel like it's doing something really great for my self-esteem so I'm glad that I've been able to keep with it as easy as I have been.

5.  Workout at Home
This one is another toughie. It's not that the workout is's that I keep forgetting to do it. Maybe I need to leave myself post it notes.

6. PureJoy
I like doing this one, but it's another that I forget to do daily. I think it's a good one though because I really feel a lot happier and in an overall better mood when I do remember to do it. 

7. Yoga
This one is hard because yoga vs sleep...sleep always wins. I do plan on getting better about it in these next 30 days.

and the new one......

8. Forgiveness
I decided on this one because I deserve it, even though they might not. My challenge will be every time I climb into bed I will forgive one person. It may be as simple as a guy who didn't hold the door for me when I was juggling boxes, a woman who cut me off, or maybe a wound that has been open for far too long. The smaller ones will be easy, the bigger ones will not, but I deserve happiness and carrying a grudge and hurt isn't happiness and it isn't healthy. I want this year to be amazing and holding onto petty things isn't hurting anyone but me. I'm excited about this challenge, and I really hope I can truly let myself forgive. are you doing? What goals did you find easy and which ones did you find hard? Did you add any this month? I would LOVE to know how you are doing, and it's SOOOO not too late to start. Just head over to my first challenge post, and get familiar with the process then join's so simple! I really, truly hope you are accomplishing your goals for this year..we can do this!!

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