Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Commercials

Ok, was it just me or did the commercials suck last night? It seemed like the majority were either eye-roll inducing or stupid beyond all measure.Then there were a few funny ones and a few that brought tears to my eyes.

Volkswagen Jamaican Accent
Seriously? You are so happy with your car that it makes you bust out into another culture's native tongue? Looking over the fact that there are probably a lot of Jamaican people who do not enjoy being the center of your joke, what's next? When I'm mad will I shout out in German? When I want a drink will I speak with an Irish tongue? When I read Jane Austen will I have an English accent? If that's the case sign me up, but it's not so Volkswagen you fail.

 M&M Anything for love
I laughed like a little kid at this one. The scene where he is being put into an oven is hilarious. I couldn't have a huge M&M boyfriend because I would eat him and then feel really bad because I ate him and no one would have believed me that I had one. 

Hey I have an idea! While you're ditching her and being a total douche canoe, how about you steal her cat too? Why not. You suck Gildan.

I love anything with this baby. He could be sitting at a desk pretending to do taxes for the whole commercial and I would still be a fan. Don't take that idea Etrade! I'm watching you...

I'm just happy everyone respected the sanctity of the library. 

Got Milk with the Rock
 I loved this commercial. If you give me anything with the Rock, little kids, and humor I will love it. I promise you. This was just too friggen cute!

Go Daddy
There really isn't even anything to say about them. They are the leaders of objectifying women, literally they deserve a trophy. Might I suggest a silver one that comes with mandatory women's history courses at the nearest college? No Drama
Hubby thought it was dumb, but I loved this one. I cracked up and had to watch it again this morning. 

Doritos Fashionista Dad
If the only way to get Hubby to play with Munchkin is to offer him a snack then I would drop kick him. Maybe I'm just a sensitive new mom, but c'mon man that's your baby. Doritos can wait my friend, and for me to say that is something...I assure you.You should've stuck with the ninja.

Women: now so dumb that we swim with sharks, almost drown, and when you save us ( because we can't save ourselves) we go running to the weirdo in the astronaut suit that smells like he bathed in his body spray ( which you know he TOTALLY smells like if he uses Axe). Awesome.

I cried like a baby, this was such a beautiful commercial. Bravo Jeep, Bravo.

Century 21
There were three of these and they were all borderline yawn inducing, but the one with the mother-in-law really irritated me. Although mine is awesome I do get that some mother-in-laws can be horrible.If someone is in a situation where you have to live with your parents then you have to do what you've got to do. My mother and sister both had to live with my husband and I during our first year of marriage and did my Hubby ever once complain? No. Why? Because that's our family and you do what you have to do for your family. It really irritated me that they poked fun at that. The situation is not ideal, but most people can't afford a new home and have to make it work, there's no sense in making a joke of them. Wake up Century 21!

Budweiser Clydesdale
This one was adorable. I was waiting with bated breath for the Clydesdale commercial and they did not disappoint.My eyes got a little teary, not going to lie about that one. Although my favorite is still this one, this year's was pretty great.

Dodge Ram Farmer
Hubby and I were both very involved in the FFA, and farming so this commercial was just epic amazing-ness. It was beautiful, appreciative, and I am a Dodge fan for life now.

Best Buy
I worship the ground that Amy Phoehler walks on. She is hilarious in everything that she does, and when she asks the guy to read her 50 Shades of Gray in this commercial I about died laughing. Win for Best Buy!

Hyundai Build your team
I am so this momma and I love these kids! Score one for Hyundai!

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