Wednesday, October 23, 2013

15 great ways to begin exploring Spark Natural's Essential 4 pack kit

As you guys know, I recently bought the Essential 4 Pack Oil Kit from Spark Naturals which contains four of the most popular essential oils: Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca (Tea Tree). I've fallen in love these past few weeks trying the oils and discovering the world of EOs. This is a small list of my favorite uses so far with the kit. Enjoy!

 - Vacuuming -
1. Add 1-2 drops of Lavender to your vacuum's air vent and spread the scent throughout your home. I LOVE smelling the calming aroma while doing a chore that I hate. Plus the scent lingers and it's SO nice to smell after the vacuuming is done and you can kick your feet up on the couch and relax. It usually lasts for three vacuuming sessions. I've also tried Lemon (1 drop) and it was SUCH a nice pick-me-up, I found myself actually smiling while vacuuming.

- Stinky Shoes -
2. Add 1-2 drops of Melaleuca to stinky sneakers. Hubby's shoes are the WORST, and I mean WORST. I usually ban his sneakers outside...I wish I was kidding. Recently however at night I'll put the drops of Melaleuca on his sneakers and put them into a plastic grocery bag ( one shoe into one bag) then seal it up and in the morning they smell awesome. I've started doing that routine once a week.

 - Boost Cleaning - 
3. Add 3-4 drops of Peppermint to your all-purpose cleaner ( I use Parsley Plus it's an AWESOME green cleaner that you can get at Walmart for about $4.00). Peppermint is antiseptic so it helps with the cleaning and also the smell of Peppermint keeps spiders and ants away!

 - Uplift -
4. Munchkin's sleep schedule has been WAY off and lately I've found myself stressing over getting it back on track, and on those days when I feel so irritated I just take a whiff of Lemon and I feel instantly happier and that things are just going to be ok, it just makes me smile.

- Sanitizing -
5. Speaking of Lemon, fill up a small spray bottle (you can find a 1oz glass spray bottle for only $1.75 at Spark Naturals! ) with water and add 2 drops of Lemon ( Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Microbial, Antiseptic ) and 2 drops of Melaleuca (Antimicrobial, Antiseptic, Antiviral, ) then spray the mixture on shopping cart handles, baby changing stations, door knobs or any other surface that needs sanitizing.

- Removing Weird Smell From Glasses -
6. Recently I've noticed that our drinking glasses have come out of the dishwasher with a weird smell to them, no matter how deeply I clean the washer and no matter which cleaner we use so I've started putting one drop of Lemon on a cotton ball and leaving it in the cabinet. The Lemon cotton ball absorbs the weird smell and leaves everything smelling wonderfully clean and happy.

- Travel Help - 
7. I also used the cotton ball trick when we were traveling with Munchkin last week and it was our first time staying in a hotel with her. I put two cotton balls with 1 drop of Lavender on each of them and stuck them in our suitcases, the scent was so calming and wonderful when we opened them back up. It was exactly what we needed to smell after a crazy, stressful day and I think it also helped relax her as well.

- Headache Help -
8. I've told you guys before about how I usually get headaches 4-5 times a week and a migraine 1-2 days a week. Recently I've filled up a glass roller ball ( only $1.25 from Spark Naturals! ) with coconut oil and added 8 drops of Peppermint and 8 drops of Lavender and rubbed it on my temples and right in the middle of my forehead. I found that it worked best when I put it on right when I was barely beginning to notice a headache coming on. That got me thinking and I started putting the mixture on right when I woke up and in the middle of the day, headache or not. So far I have only had one bad migraine that needed Excedrin ( that's in two weeks people which is AMAZING).

- Baby Acne - 
9. Munchkin has really bad baby acne and I mixed up 1Tbs. of coconut oil with 2 drop of Lavender and I have been dabbing her cheeks with the mixture every morning and right before bed. The difference is awesome, pictures to follow soon!

 - Musty Smell Remover -
10. My Mother-in-law gave us some amazingly beautiful quilts that unfortunately have a slight musty smell to them that refused to leave, no matter how many times I tried washing them. I had almost given up when I read that Melaleuca is a fungicide, and so I mixed up some water, a dash of white distilled vinegar, and about 8 drops of Melaleuca oil in a spray bottle and sprayed them down then hung them to dry. I am happy to report that the smell is completely gone and the awesome tea tree smell is in it's place. Yay!

- Lavender Soap - 
11. Make Homemade Lavender Soap by A Pumpkin And A Princess . Although I haven't tried this yet ( I haven't had time to go to the natural foods store to look for the soap base )I just know it's going to be amazing because you can't go wrong with soothing ingredients and Lavender oil. I CANNOT wait to get started on this, and I'm even thinking of making a whole bunch for some Christmas gifts.

- Kitchen Wipes -
12. I told you guys a few weeks ago about this awesome idea to make your own Reusable Peppermint Kitchen Wipes by One Good Thing By Jillee and I decided to try it out, but I couldn't find castille soap anywhere ( plus I read that it leaves a residue behind unless you wipe it up with water after which I just don't have time for) so I used distilled white vinegar instead and they turned out pretty great, the peppermint smell lingers after the vinegar smell disappears. I think next time I'm going to make some Melaleuca ones for super, extra germ fighting power, especially since cold and flu season is coming!

- Oily Hair Helper - 
13. I've always had oily hair, you can tell when I skip a day shampooing which happens more often than I'd like to admit. I've been using Suave's dry shampoo spray, but since getting my oils I've been dabbing my fingers with a drop of Lemon oil and running them through my hair (focusing on the roots) before I spray it with the dry shampoo. I've noticed that my hair looks a lot better than with the spray alone, the essential oil soaks up the oil in my hair plus my hair sort of diffuses the lemon scent and gives off an uplifting happy smell all through the day!

- Wake Up Call -
14. I mentioned earlier about munchkin's sleep schedule being out of whack which means that some days I barely get five hours of sleep and I need some energizing....STAT. In those days that I need a quick boost I take a shower first thing. I dial the temperature pretty hot, and add 1 drop of Peppermint directly to the side of the shower wall so the steam and heat disperses it. It's almost like a Vick's shower soother, but the smell is pure minty and gives instant energizing power, I LOVE it. It wakes me up and makes me feel so much better.

- Boosting Your All Natural Wood Polish -
15. I've always used coconut oil to polish wood, I just get a rag and scoop a tiny bit out and spread it over the pieces to polish them, but  recently I've started adding a few drops of Lemon on my rag. The coconut oil is a carrier oil so the scent is distributed as you wax. The pure Lemon smell is SO much nicer than the fake one that you buy in stores. I've also seen where people have added essential oils with olive oil to polish wood, but I haven't tried that one yet.

This is only beginning to scratch the surface, and these are just FOUR oils!! There are so many more out there, and a ga-zillion uses. These are just the ones that I've found immediate use for with the kit and wanted to share.

The Essential Four Pack Kit can be found HERE at Spark Naturals  for only $19.99 plus if you use coupon code " Bubble" you will receive 10% off your whole order! You cannot find oils of this high quality for this low a price anywhere else! AH-MAZING!

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