Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Printables

Thanksgiving is coming people and you know what that means: we get to display a whole new set of subway art! WOOHOO! Ok, I can't be the only one who gets this happy about subway art can I? Ah they are my lovlies:

1.  Eighteen25
I have this one on the left side of my entertainment center and the one below this on the right side. I think they look REALLY great together and I especially LOVE the fonting on this one. 

2. While He Was Napping
See? I told you these two looked great together! This chick is talented, I love the color scheme she used!

3. Cheep Ideas
I have this one framed in by bathroom on the sink and it is just pure perfection. I love the daily reminder to give God thanks.There are other colors you can print out.

4. Fancy Designs
Ok I saw this one and immediately fell in love, I think I might have to get another frame for my counter in the kitchen because this is just TOO cute to resist!

5. A Step In The Journey
I think this would be precious printed out and framed near a reading nook, on a bookshelf or in a reading room..if someone HAD a reading room...hint hint Hubby.

6. Blissful Keeper At Home
It's rare that someone makes subway art look chic and even more rare when it incorporated a bible verse so when I saw this I HAD to post it.

7. Embellish Goods
I cannot wait for Munchkin to be old enough for this! I LOVE the idea of having something for the little ones to enjoy during festivities.

8. The Fickle Pickle
This one is just FUN! I love how cute and whimsy it is!

9. Hollydays
This is an absolutely ADORABLE calender, plus you get not only November, but December too! Yay!

 10. Imom
I love how this looks really handmade and sewn with little embellishments. Plus she has a whole list of them to download for the whole year!

11. The Sassy Slow Cooker
I used quite a few recipes from her October menu so I was SO ready to have the November one come out! Enjoy!

12. Frugal Homeschool Family
Slow cooker not your thing? Then head over to this gal's awesome site and check out a whole calender of recipes to try out!

13. The Creativity Exchange
Another creative, and beautiful activity for the little ones to do during the meal. Wonderful idea!It's actually just black ink, but looks identically to a chalkboard when you write on it with chalk...awesome.

 14. A Night Owl
I was going to end the list at 13, but then I found this one, and had to add it to the list. LOVE it!

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