Saturday, November 23, 2013

Spark Naturals Affiliate Program

Ok so if you're anything like me and you've dabbled or been pushed into ANY multi-level marketing and direct marketing blah, blah, blah stuff you've already seen that affiliate word and gagged or perhaps gave an eye roll or two. Hear me out.

I've been there guys, you saw my post about my feelings on Mary Kay and you know how much I believe in telling the 100% truth and not pushing anything that people don't want.

When I first saw that Spark Naturals was starting an affiliate program I was heartbroken. I had thought that I finally found an essential oil company that didn't make their living from pushy salespeople who only care about making that buck and hitting their marks.Well, for fun I read up on some information about their program and I was SO happy to find out that I still had that same company.

 They are NOT your average "affiliate" company. They are SO different, UN-PUSHY, and 1,000 times more helpful than ANY company I've ever signed up with. 

The best part is that it's 100% FREE to sign up and you make commission on every order placed when people use your code, no matter if it's $4.00 and their first time ordering or $400.00 and their seventieth. So THEY get 10% off their whole order and YOU get commission from the sale from Spark Naturals. Win-Win in my book! Curious? Here's a little more info....

How do I earn commission? 
Whenever you download the application there's a spot to write in a code (a word, for instance...mine is "Bubble"). That code is directly linked to you and whenever someone uses that code you get credited and earn commission from that sale. The customer gets 10% off their order and you earn commission. How much? It depends on what was bought. When you sign up Spark Naturals sends you commission sheets for all of their products and how much you'll earn. This is a  SAMPLE COMMISSION SHEET . Also as an affiliate you can sign up other affiliates under you to earn a commission off their sales as well. PS - I received a paycheck from Spark Naturals one month after joining!!

Do I have to pay to join? 
Nope, it's totally free to become an affiliate. The only requirement is that you must have placed an order with them previously ( so they know you have experience in their products) before applying to become one. Totally reasonable and I think it shows they truly want you to be able to share EO wisdom and help others not just make a buck.

Can I use my own code?
Of course! That's the really great part about this program. You can use your code to get 10% off your Spark Naturals order as well as commission off the sale! Talk about saving money!

How do I sign up?
All you have to do is download and fill out the AFFILIATE AGREEMENT and then email the agreement to or fax it to 801-987-9144. This agreement that you're filling out will have my name on the referral, and the one that they send you after joining will be blank so you can write your own name on it and give it out. 

What happens after I join? 
Spark Naturals will send you an email letting you know about your application status ( I got mine about three days after I emailed it in). Then you'll submit a tax form and they'll send you commission sheets as well as business card templates, logos, a blank sign up form to show others, an insider newsletter, and a few other goodies. Then you'll be on your way to making money and bettering your life. 

It's SO easy, and if you already have a passion for essential oils like I do it's a 100% win-win situation. I am SO happy I found them, and so excited to be able to share both the company and the opportunity with you guys. If you have ANY questions PLEASE feel free to message me I'll get you answers as quickly as I can. 

For those who sign up under me: 
If you "like" Life Inside Nickie's Little Bubble on Facebook you'll find lots of essential oil posts you can share with family and friends to get the word out!

Also, if you're debating on what to order for your first order, I highly recommend the 4 Pack Starter Kit which comes with Lemon, Lavender, Melaleuca, and Peppermint for only $19.99 (I made a post about the kit and various uses here)  and of course you can save 10% off that low price by using coupon code 
" Bubble"


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