Sunday, December 8, 2013

17 Amazing DIY Home Cleaning Recipes

1. Homemade Laundry Detergent by Sew Much Ado

I've made this recipe dozens of times and I love the way it makes my clothes smell and how clean it gets them! I sometimes add two or three drops of either  Lavender or Lemon essential oil while I'm grating the fels-naptha to give it an extra wonderful smell.

2. Super Shower Cleaner by Picklee

I've seen other places that say to just spray a similar mixture on the shower or bath and simply rinse, but those never worked for me. This recipe was the only one that actually said to leave it sit and boy did it work! I didn't even have to break my hand scrubbing the gunk around the bottom. Also, she has another cleaning tip for the glass doors using a lemon that I am here to tell magic!

3. Reusable Peppermint Kitchen Wipes by One Good Thing By Jillee

I cannot say how much I adore these wipes! They smell amazing and it makes me feel so much better about wiping my counters down with something I know isn't filled with chemicals and is safe for my little one. Plus they're reusable, which makes them a thousand times better!

4. Polish Wood Naturally With Essential Oils by Me!

I've slowly started getting everyone I know hooked on polishing their wood naturally. Trust me on this one, you'll love the natural smell and love how great it makes your wood look! This recipe uses Wild Orange essential oil, but I've also used lemon successfully.

5. Dishwasher Detergent Tabs by One Good Thing By Jillee

I've been using this recipe for weeks, and I love my dishes. The only change I would make is that I used apple cider vinegar in the mixture and a splash of distilled white vinegar before I wash. It has made a huge difference in my dishes. Also..I've noticed that if I skip the vinegar there tends to be some residue so don't skip it people!

6. Orange All Purpose Cleaning Spray by Petit Chef

I was SO skeptical about using vinegar as a spray, I did NOT want my house to smell like a pickle factory. So on a whim I tried this recipe and I was happily impressed. The smell of vinegar is almost completely removed from the mixture when you let it sit for a few weeks then when you use it any traces of the vinegar smell dissapears completely after it dries.

7. Deodorizing And Bacteria Killing Toilet Bombs by Maria's Self

Alright, I haven't made this yet but I am DYING to! If you look on her website she also lists tons of other uses for these toilet bombs. This is SO creative, and of course I love anything that I can drop into the toilet, clean the rest of the bathroom and then scrub and done.

8. Lean Green Floor Cleaning Machine Solution by A Lovely Mess

I use this when I have company coming over, I LOVE how beautiful it makes my floors and the only thing I would change is adding Lavender essential oil into the mix. It leaves just the right amount of lingering scent.

9. Homemade Oven Cleaner by Couponing To Disney

While this recipe didn't leave my oven *sparkling* clean it did clean better than my old commercial cleaning spray and it didn't gag and choke me, so it's definitely a win-win. Let me know how it works for you!

10. DIY Liquid Hand Soap by One Good Thing by Jillee

Ok, I'm not obsessed with her...ok yes I am. I can't help it though, she comes up with amazing DIY stuff, like this soap. However take this little tip: after you let it sit overnight mix it up with a mixer for a will look like snot (sorry), but after about 15 minutes it'll turn silky smooth, and make your hands super soft!

11. Homemade Fabric Refresher by Northern Cheapskate

I tried to make my own, but I didn't think to use vinegar and mine didn't turn out well. I had a DUH moment when I read this post and promptly made my own batch. It really worked wonders, the the only thing I did different was make one batch her way using Snuggle and another batch with Lavender essential oil for our bedroom and the baby's crib. I LOVE it!

 12. DIY Microfiber Duster by DIY Home Sweet Home

I am SO glad that I learned how to sew, because now I can make this! If you've ever used microfiber cloths you know how well they trap dust and this tutorial on how to make them into a reusable swiffer-like one is perfection! LOVE it!

13. Stainless Steel Cleaner  by Passion For Savings

I don't have that much stainless steel in my house, but what little I do have this recipe made sparkle. Let me know how well it works on larger pieces!

14. DIY Window And Glass Cleaner  by Fabulessly Frugal

OK, I never in a million years would have put cornstarch into a glass cleaning recipe, but thank goodness she did because this stuff is awesome. The best part is so smelly fumes or harsh chemicals! 

15. Microfiber Couch Cleaner by Plant Therapy

I do not have microfiber couches, but my brother does and when I found this recipe I sent it straight to him! I also loves that she adds an essential oil blend into her mix ( similar to Spark Natural's Shield Blend ) so the couch is also sanitized as well as cleaned! Great thinking!

16. Leather Couch Cleaner by Fabulessly Frugal

I do not have leather couches either, mainly because I have a toddler who thinks our fabric couch is a jungle gym. So until she learns what no means we're not going this route...anyways..if you DO have leather here is a great DIY cleaner!

17. Homemade Carpet Cleaner by Me!

This was just too easy to make into a blog post, it's 2 cups of baking soda and about 3-4 drops of an essential oil of your choice, mixed and sprinkled onto your carpets. Let the mixture sit for about 10-15 minutes then vacuum up! I also use this mixture on my fabric couch cushions!

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