Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Guide To Healing Colds And Flus All Naturally

I meant to write about this sooner, because cold and flu season is here and if you're as lucky as I am your little one will get hit by one of those sooner or later. My little munchkin started coughing and I knew I wanted to knock it out fast. I am very happy to report that little one's cold lasted six days from beginning to end and was treated 100% with all natural treatments ( including bringing a fever down). This is what we did:

First I made a mixture of essential oils to start fighting whatever she had. This is the recipe:

1 Tbs. Of Carrier Oil ( I used fractionated coconut)
3 Drops of Shield
3 Drops of Lavender
3 Drops of Melaleuca
1 Drop of Oregano
1 Drop of Frankincense

I stored the mixture in a small airtight container that keeps out light ( I actually put black construction paper around the sides of those 4oz clear sauce containers from Rubbermaid) and applied the mixture to her feet then covered them with socks every two hours. When I was applying the mixture I would then wash my hands and put Respire with a little carrier oil to her chest and a tiny bit on her nose again...every two hours. She actually really enjoyed me putting this mixture on her. She would actually sit still and clap, it was awesome.

When I noticed a fever I put one drop of Peppermint with a drop or two of carrier oil and rubbed it on the bottoms of her feet. I had to do that once before her nap and then again after her nap and by the evening the fever was gone. Make sure you watch them and keep them warm and covered because the peppermint extract will drop their body temperature.

Also I began putting two scoops of Greens in her juice. This stuff is AMAZING. ( It has 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables and a blend of 38 herbs and nutrient-rich superfoods. YAY) Just what little germ fighting bodies need! I usually put one scoop every week or so in her sippy, but when she began to show symptoms I started putting two scoops in her juice every day until she was better. It does turn the juice green (although it tastes like orange juice) so if your little ones are picky you might want to opt for putting it into cups they can't see into.

Well that's it, please let me know if you have any questions or share any tips you use when your little ones get sick. As always if you decide to get your essential oils at Spark Naturals you can 
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Also there is FREE SHIPPING until 12/17 on any orders, no minimum..sweet! 

Disclaimer - I am not a doctor, do not rely on me for medical advice. Use common sense. Go to the doctor if it's an emergency and little timmy is literally baking cookies on his forehead. This is just my guide on what works for me and my family.

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