Saturday, December 21, 2013


So...I realized the other day that I never wrote about meeting the amazingly talented author Celia Rivenbark. Oops. It went fanfreaking tastic! Hubby was watching Munchkin so I could relax and actually enjoy it without chasing a wiggly baby around.

So there I was, walking into the library clutching my brand new copy of Rude Bitches Make Me Tired and smiling like an idiot. I decided to go ahead and get a hard copy because:
1. I'd like to actually have something for her to sign other than a sticker covered kindle.
2. I LOVED the book and I wanted to support my girl Celia.
3. I thought it would be really cool to have a book actually signed by the author and something I could pass down to Munchkin. Yes it's a sarcastic southern humor book, but I loved reading it and I think one day she will too.

So there I was. I found the room easily and was sort of shocked to see how full it already was. I quickly took my seat, about five minutes until it was suppose to start and began looking around. A lady seating in front of me turned around and soon I found out she was from Ohio who was traveling through to see her son and long story short, loved Celia and decided to stop by. I really couldn't get a word in from her yammering on, but I didn't mind because I was too excited to form a coherent conversation. The woman had turned around in her seat and began talking to the man next to her when another man addressed the group. He said that due to foggy weather Celia was running a bit late. No problemo. I decided to use these few extra minutes to go to the bathroom. This is where I found the differences between a northern woman and a southern woman.

I tapped the woman in front of me who I thought had become my new friendly comrade and asked her ever so sweetly if she would hold my seat for me while I ran to the restroom. She raised her eyebrow and then said " Well can't you just put your book down or something?" Y'all I just stared at her.

If you would have asked that question to any southern woman they would have immediately responded with " Of course surgar ( darlin', sweetie, honey,etc)" and guarded your seat with their life. This woman on the other hand was appalled that I had asked her something so ludicrous. I just sat back and mentally pictured hitting her with my new book. Talk about rude bitches....

Celia eventually made it, and after a few horrifying moments of the announcer mispronouncing her name wrong......twice and having to adjust his glasses twice to read the book title ( seriously...did they just drag him from the hallway to run this thing?) things finally got going. She read an excerpt or two from her book, and answered etiquette questions. It was awesome.

I got her to autograph my new book and she asked what I did. When I mentioned Munchkin she asked how I enjoyed staying home with her, and what she was like. Honest to goodness you guys she actually cared. She was taking time to look in my eyes ( not creepy...more like she was actually genuinely interested in whatever I was saying) and ask questions. She is a wonderful, wonderful person and I am SO glad I got to meet her.

So go check out her website, you wont be sorry!

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  1. YAY! I was wondering how that went... I didn't want to pry in case it had turned out like one of those Zach Gallifanakis interviews... and I would have TOTALLY made my HUSBAND save our seats while we went to the bathroom TOGETHER. Because that's how us Canadians roll.