Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's like they don't even know me

Apparently a big part of  your blog finally getting out there goes hand in hand with getting hit by spammers about 50 times a day. It's the worst in the world. I'll get a notification on my email that says " four new comments awaiting approval for Life Inside Nickie's Little Bubble" so I get all excited and rush over to Blogger only to find that it's only ads for electronic cigarettes ( I don't smoke) or Vera Wang top Fashion Blog ( I'm too poor) at least do your re-search spammers. If you really knew me you would post things like:

1. Awesome Pictures of Sharks
2. Bloody Hell! Harry Potter behind the scenes movie photos!
3. New Museum exhibit featuring Egyptian stuff and/or Dinosaurs
4. Anything with salted caramel in the title
5. Anything with " vampire " in the title....ok...almost anything.
6. Free Sewing patterns
7. How to grow a garden like a friggen boss

You know...I just realized that this list could be from either a seven year old boy or a 60 year old woman, I'm eclectic like that.

In other news:

I was browsing pinterest and found this little gem. YUP, it's a pregnant belly ring with a car sign on it. I cracked up laughing on this one. Why the baby on board sign? Are people trying to run into your belly/vagina so much to the point where you need a sign to make them use a little caution?? If you're still in the love making stage of your pregnancy wouldn't that creep your husband out???

Hubby and I apparently have NO more boundaries. I was in the bathroom doing the things you do in the bathroom and Hubby walked in once to ask me where his shirt was and then again to see if I thought it looked right on him. Now....first of all.....I don't think there is one man in the history of husbands who knows where every things is in his own house. Seriously, it's like he thinks I move things around every half hour.

The shirt it in the closet where shirts are hung, it doesn't take a genius. Second of all the first time was bad enough, I gave him a look of horror and yelled " CLOSET!" then he opens the door again and just stands there asking how it looks like he's suddenly a JCrew model. I was horrified. So ladies, here's the warning: when you have a baby with a man all mystery is out the window. Kiss it goodbye, along with your baths.


  1. Why do guys have no limits? I just had this convo with the hubs last week. One of my hard limits is NO visiting the bathroom when I am using the facilities. I would die, just die if he walked in while halfway through a numero deux! ARGH!