Monday, March 11, 2013

yeah....I suck again.

I have been running around like crazy all weekend, and haven't had a moment to sit down and think, much less write an awesome blog post so I basically sat at the computer and my night went like this:

Hmmm.....Celebrity Apprentice is on. Does that Baldwin guy really talk like that? How did that family become a family of actors?  Tina Fey really made 30 Rock....I miss Tina Fey. Which made me Google some funny Tina Fey quotes.

That put me in a good mood so I then popped over to Pinterest and looked at the Humor section for a while hoping to get some sort of hilarious muse. I pretty much ended up with this:

Then, I was like...ok....focus. Yet.....I could not for the life of me think of anything useful, informative, or anything even remotely close to what you guys would ever want to read about so I was basically like I give up:

Sorry guys, I promise really hope to have something awesome tomorrow.


  1. ADD strikes again! Man, I hate those days! Like when I should be working on the mountain of paperwork on my desk and instead read blog posts about other people who can't focus so I feel totally normal?? Hehe. It's Monday! Don't worry, expectations are low! ;) Have a great one!