Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thanks Tuesday...You Were A Douche

It is 8:07 as I type this out, so it totally counts as a blog post for today. I had to go into work this morning and while I was there I developed a migraine that made me want to literally shoot myself in the face to end the pain. It was the type of migraine that went past minor irritation to light and sound, and instead was making me gag and the room spin just from the shear pain of it. I came home shaking, and spent the afternoon crying and trying to go to sleep to make it all go away.

I woke up at about six and miraculously the pain was all gone, and everything was right in the world again. Hubby needed to go to the store so we packed up munchkin and headed out. It wasn't until we were at the store when we realized we had completely forgotten the diaper bag. The only thing she had was a bottle that we made right before we left. Fear set in immediately and although we only planned to be gone for less than an hour we were panic stricken.

Hubby began practically throwing things into the shopping cart, and I was doing everything I could think of to distract her. We were practically running through the isles like we were on Supermarket Sweep and when we were about half way done with our list she began to get fussy. She didn't want the bottle and she was starting to get louder so I picked her up and held her on my front chest facing me which seemed to make her happy.

It was then that I noticed that the whole front part of my shirt had a big, round wet mark on it. It literally covered my whole front like she peed on me. Apparently her bottle had overturned in the car seat and soaked her butt which I then held to my chest. Awesome.

So there I was having to hold the wet butt baby to me because of the huge wet mark on me, and try to entertain her through the store without letting people see because of course you know their going to think she peed on me. Then I'll be that mom whose walking around with pee on her and before you know it I'LL be on People Of Walmart.com.

I kept waiting for someone we knew to come by and ask to hold her, but that didn't happen thank God. We wrapped up the trip with no further incident and vowed to never forget the bag again. Never in my life have I depended so much on one little bag. I think they should invent a button that beeps when you leave the house without it. Yep....my next invention....don't steal that America, I know where you live.


  1. Yup. Tuesday sucked! Cinderella left the house with crabby, whiny, hungry, and sleepy yesterday morning and it took me 45 minutes to get them all to their designated drop offs. The 3 minutes it took to get from the last drop off to my office was entirely too little me time! And that was the highlight of my day! Hope hump day's a little nicer to you!

    1. AAWWWWW I hate to hear that!!!!!Crappy days suck.