Friday, March 15, 2013

The day after....

Well I nervously headed out to the wrap party last night, and although I knew my friend who invited me I was still worried over being around a whole bunch of skinny " healthy foods only" women. The type who make you feel like crap for having one soft drink and not eating your veggies. These women were not like that. The ladies who hosted it were really awesome, and they immediately welcomed me and before I knew it we were all chatting it up. The atmosphere was pretty relaxed, and when I first got there the lady brought me to the back to put on the wrap.

She asked me where I wanted the wrap done, and of course I aimed for the tummy. She brought me to a room in the back and she asked me to lift my shirt. She said she was going to take before and after pictures of me and swore she would never share them with anyone.

I admit, it was beyond unnerving to have a stranger not only look at your stretch-marked, bloated belly, but also have her less than a foot away snapping pictures of it. She was literally on her knees snapping the pics and when she unbuttoned my pants I thought things were going to get weird, but no....she just applied the wrap and began telling me about the wrap itself.

When everyone was wrapped the ladies gathered us all around and we listened to them talk about the products. I was interested in the weight loss part of course, but the more they talked and shared their stories the more it encouraged me to not only strive for eating better to lose weight,but also to get my body where it wants to be naturally and I think that when that happens the weight will come off too.

Don't get me wrong I'm not about to throw out all the bread and wage war on cheese or anything, I just simply want to give my body all the healthy, natural things that it needs to function. I'm going to start taking the "greens" vitamins mixture which is suppose to alkalize and detoxify you plus give your body all of the nutrients, and fruits and veggies that it needs so you stop craving junk food and it boosts your mood and energy. I'm excited, and Hubby is going to start taking it too!

The wrap honestly did work. I didn't lose weight, but it did take off some inches and made my tummy visibly smaller. Hubby could even tell a difference, but I'm going to see how long these results really last before I do another.

Anyways, the point is that it was really fun, the wrap honestly works, and if you're ever invited to do one I totally encourage it. I'll keep you updated on how well the "greens" mix works I'm placing my order today!


  1. That's awesome, I've always wondered if they actually work! You've basically hit on my general idea about fitness--I try to eat plenty of green foods and mostly real food (even my sweets I try to stick with homemade). And hey, maybe I'm a couple pounds heavier than I wish, but I feel good and it allows for some fun.

    1. Totally agree with you, I think if I can focus on putting better stuff in the happier I will be. The wrap did honestly work, but I wanted to focus on more long-term results.