Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Freebie { Tuesday } Wednesday

OK, sorry that this Freebie Tuesday post is being posted on Wednesday, but I have been fighting various laptops and internet devices for about three days. I think I've finally won...hopefully. Anyways without further ado, here are the freebies: 

1. Free Cycle World Magazine Subscription
2. Sample of Nivea, Eucerin, or Aquaphor ( Through Facebook - Must watch video to access samples)
3. Sample Of Gucci's Made To Measure Fragrance ( Through Facebook - Scroll to the bottom)
4. Free Jiffy Mixes Recipe Book ( Through Facebook)
5. Yogi Tea Sample ( Through Facebook - Send to a friend or Get a sample for yourself if you've never tried them before)
6. Sample Of Beneful Healthy Smiles Dog food
7. Sample Of Wag Joint Supplement For Canines
8. Free Can Of Sheba Cat Food
9. Free NeilMed Sinus Rinse Bottle
10. 6 Samples Caplets Of Desert Harvest Aloe Vera
11. Free L'Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Sample
12.Fekkai Haircare Sample ( COSTCO members only)
13. Sample Of Slavo Gourmet Salt
14. Free Digital Issue Of KIWI Magazine
15. Free Sample Of Bio35 Oil
16. Real Time Pain Relief Sample
17. Sample Of Daily Bread Products ( 25 Year Guarantee Food Storage)

Freebies Still Available From Past Weeks:

Food & Drink
1. Sample Of Wise Prepared Emergency Foods
2. Komodo Teriyaki Sample
3. Free Atkin's Starter Kit
4. Chef's Choice Beef Jerky Sample
5. Free Truvia Sweetener Sample
6. Free Sample of TongueSpank Seasoning ( through Facebook)
7.Free Quit Smoking Tea Sample
8. Free Gourmet Rosemary, Lemon, And Garlic Salt Sample

1. Sample Of Oblige Body Lotion  ( through Facebook)
4. Escada Perfume Sample
5. Eucerine Lotion Sample ( must take the pledge)
9. Free Pantene Shampoo And Conditioner Samples
10. Free Sample Of Hugo Boss Perfume
11. Free Mini Product When You Visit Any JC Penny Salon For A Free Touch Up

5. Sample Of Depend Underwear
6. Free Sample Of Emergen-C


1. Free Pet Safety Pack

Home & Housewares
1. Sample of Sandy Cleaning Wipes
2. Re-Sealable Sticker For Tide Pods Tub
3. Free Bistro Coffee Mug From Aztec Trailers
4. Coolaz Koozie Sample

1. Free Lego Magazine Subscription
2. Free Diabetic Living Magazine Subscription
3. Free American Baby Magazine Subscription
4. Free Watch! Magazine Subscription
5. Free Dirt Rider Magazine Subscription

2. Free Bible
3. Free digital copy of Gooseberry Patch kid friendly recipe book
4. Free Migraine Awareness Wristband
5. 3M SecureFit Eyewear Sample
6. Free Cookbook Kit From Morris Press

3. Free " Life's A Dog" Bumper Sticker
4. Free COAST Clothing Sticker

1. Free Farnam Horse Care Calendar
2.  Free Photo Calendar From Staples

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