Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentine's Day Roundup 2014

------------ Subway Art -------------

I love the font and color scheme of this one! 

Ok..c'mon this one is just too adorable. 
I'm a big fan of the mustaches!

I LOVE the simplistic elegance of this one!

So cute, plus it matches the 2nd and 3rd one perfectly!

Simple and cute, plus it matches the first one!

--------------- Decor Prints ---------------

I love how adorable and whimsy this one is.

Love the song inspiration on this one!

You guys know how much I adore chevron....

How elegant and perfect is this? There are actually two designs on this link.

Think of how adorable this would be framed in the kitchen!

---------- Calendars -----------

I love how this one has a homemade lovey feeling to it.

I LOVE this one! It's almost too cute to cross out!

I love how vintage and chic this one is!

----------- Monthly Menus ---------------

Ok, technically this is for the month of January, but it's pink
and I forgot to add this one to January's list so....there.

Yes, this is from August but meal plans don't expire now do they?

---------- Kid's Activities ----------

This is an easy craft that will keep them busy 
AND decorate your home, win-win.

These are cute and you can eat the leftover candy...

I love these fun little learning activity sheets.

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