Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I am in love.

I know what you're thinking, I can totally see into those pretty little heads of yours ( I know..I know...I can't wait for my thin mints to arrive either!). You're thinking...Nickie....didn't you make a whole post about how much you dislike MLM companies? Yes, yes I did. Then I found one that was so different and wonderful that I changed my mind. Well, at least when it comes to this one.

I'm sure by now you've noticed the cute little banner on the side of the page, and thought what in the world is Perfectly Posh? Well sit down and pull up a chair buttercup.

What is Perfectly Posh?

Perfectly Posh is a relatively new company with spa and pampering products that are paraben-free, paraffin-free, free of sulfates including SLS, cruelty free and do NOT test on animals. When I heard those words I was basically sold then I also found out that they are fragranced only with the highest quality essential oils and fine phthalate-free fragrances. They even use natural enzymes and vitamin E to preserve the life and look of these awesome pampering products. Sold!

What products are offered?

There are ooodles upon oodles of pampering products from lotions to scrubs, cuticle cream, hair masks and everything in between. What really amazed me is how well they work and how INCREDIBLE they smell. I can't stop sniffing myself and wont be able to either! These are a few of my favorites:

1. The Tree Hugger
This is a deep cleaning, D Tox scrub that has sea salts, strawberry seeds, coconut shreds, and a detoxifying blend of soothing essential oils. It scrubs and detoxes while nourishing the new layer with energizing vitamin C, rich jojoba and sunflower oil. Plus it smells like coconuts and strawberries.

2. The Caffeinator
This little baby is a moisturizing shea butter stick infused with tightening and brightening caffeine. You just rub this around your eye area and watch as the caffeine gets to work and tightens and brightens the skin. AKA: 8 hours of sleep fake-it stick.

3. The Stripper
This is a D Toxing mud mask that aggressively absorbs and removes free-radicals from skin. This puppy slows moisture removal with triglycerides and vanilla essential oil. With continued use supports cleaner, brighter skin, fewer black heads and blemishes, and improved elasticity. SIGN ME UP NOW am I right?

4.Sweet Young Thing
It's an anti-aging serum that is loaded with a sophisticated blend of CoQ10, natural cell-generating oils, and powerful peptides. This stuff is creamy and smells to me like a magnolia/jasmine smell. It is literally heaven in a bottle. When I put it on Hubby even noticed my skin looked great.

Ok Nickie, I am loving the products but c'mon MLM.....I've been hurt real bad sister. 
I feel you guys read on...

What makes them different?

I was so excited to join this company because they are SO different from all the other big name MLM companies that I've tried before. They are LOW KEY and encourage their consultants to be themselves, wear what makes them happy and comfortable, have fun, don't stress, and pamper themselves just as much as they pamper their customers.

Customers are treated like what they actually are: women who deserved to be pampered not a potential number or a sales slip. Unlike the other guys we are encouraged to share products not pressure women into joining our "army". They also pay commission on everything you buy, there is no "wholesale vs retail". You simply sell the products and they send you a check. They do bonus items, half off deals, hostess perks, and contests all the time to score some extra goodies. You're not pressured to have product on hand and consultants are encouraged to uplift and help out their fellow consultant sisters.

The price to become a consultant is only $99.00 ( plus local tax/shipping) and I signed up in January so my kit came with DOUBLE the amount of products! It was worth it to join up just for the amount of goodies alone! Another great thing about being a consultant is that this is a relatively new company so the market is WIDE OPEN! There are a million opportunities to expand and develop a market in your area! If you want more info about joining you can read about it HERE and message me either here or on my Facebook Page and I will answer any questions. PS - You can still get the double kit promotion all the way until February 6th!

I can literally go on and on, but I'll stop here and continue with the info...

What does this mean for us, your loyal readers?

Well not too awful much. No I will not be harassing or pushing anyone to join or buy something, that's not why we're here and I hope you guys know and love me better than that. But I will post some Perfectly Posh stuff occasionally when I think you guys might be interested or whenever I get really excited about something. Which...let's face it..I'm a tad bit obsessive when it comes to things I fall in love with. So if I do go a little overboard please forgive me. I'm thankful that I found Perfectly Posh, it was an accident that I stumbled onto their Facebook page posts and I will be forever grateful. I think their products are amazing and I honestly really just want to share them with you guys. I do plan on doing a giveaway or two in the next few months with both Perfectly Posh and Spark Naturals so stay tuned for that. 

Well that's about all. I just wanted to keep you all updated and caught up in the know. 

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