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Day Three: Serums

Welcome to Day Three in our About Face post. 
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{ Day Three}
- Serums -

Serums can fall into the same category as targeted treatments. They are typically thinner than your moisturizers and are made to solve specific problems. You typically put a serum on after you wash your face and before you put on your moisturizer. Sometimes you might not need to follow up with a moisturizer. So let's dig in. 

{ Which one is right for me? }

1. Sweet Young Thing
This is a sophisticated blend of CoQ10, natural cell generating oils, and powerful peptides which plump and fill fine lines and wrinkles.This is an anti-aging blend and it made to preserve and improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. This is your personal little magic wand to roll back the clock. To use it you apply two drops to your clean, dry face and neck one to two times daily. Rub in and allow to dry before applying other product. This is a fairly creamy serum so you might want to skip the morning moisturizer, it just depends on your skin.

2. Vitamin C Fairy
 A unique and high tech blend of vitamin C extracts and coenzymes including CoQ10 disenchant discoloration while gentle chamomile soothes. These potent vitamin C extracts and coenzymes fight hyper pigmentation and promote the growth of young, elastic skin it also disenchants discoloration on your face. If you have any redness or discoloration this is the serum you're going to want to use. The vitamin C is also very brightening so your skin gets a little pick-me-up. You use it the same as you would the Sweet Young Thing.

3. Zit Zapper
While not technically a serum, it is a targeted treatment for acne. Nature gives us sugar cane, and sugar cane gives us glycolic acid to fight back against blemishes, whiteheads, blackheads, & more. You would apply this as a spot treatment to active blemishes and known problem spots to help heal, remove dead skin cells and regenerate healthy new skin lightning fast. If you've got a teen or you yourself are having acne issues, trust your skin to this baby.

4. Under Wonder Pore Primer
While technically again...not a is along the lines, at least in my opinion. Primer helps makeup apply smoothly and stay put longer while filling and softening fine lines and wrinkles. There is no better primer, sorry. It's better than the $45 jobs...seriously...try it out if you don't believe me. To use this baby you simply apply a small pea sized portion onto your finger then smooth over clean, dry skin. Allow to set for 30-60 seconds then apply make up as usual. You would put this on as your final step before any makeup, or if you're like my mom...the final step no matter if you're putting makeup on or not.

{ Tips & Tricks }

( In Conclusion? } 
Younger skin would benefit from a targeted acne treatment combined with the vitamin C to reduce redness or any discoloration from blemishes. Older skin would benefit from an anti-aging serum or any other collagen/elasticity serum. All skin types and ages would benefit from a primer. 

( Eye see how it is... } 
When applying any treatment around the eye area try to remember to use your pinky. The eye area has some of the most sensitive and thin skin on the face and when you wipe harshly or rub it it's REALLY harsh on that sensitive area. It's best to dab with your pinky gently and in general take care whenever you're applying anything to or around it.

( AM or PM? } 
It really depends on you. Most of the serums allow you to use them twice a day allowing for right after you wash your face in the morning and then again right before bed. If you only have time to put one on though it's really up to you as to when you apply it. If I'm putting on the vitamin C fairy I like to apply it in the morning, if it's the sweet young thing I like to apply it at night. So play around and see what works for you. 

{ Why Posh? }

Putting the fact that I am a consultant with Posh aside, I would still recommend their products. Why? Because I have seen how amazing the results can be with my own skin and with family and friends. They use no sulfates/parabens/paraffins/petroleum products/soy or gluten fillers and are fragranced with essential oils and high grade perfume. They are made with natural, safe ingredients therefor they are very gentle. Even the most sensitive of skin can usually use our products without irritation.

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