Monday, March 17, 2014


Sooo it's been a while. I've been handing out my business cards a lot lately and all I keep thinking about is the first post people are going to see is going to be about me needing a break which just really isn't the message I want to convey. So, here is:

1. Things are not much better, but I am having more "good days" and we're working on fixing the issues that are causing the..other things..
2. No, I cannot talk about those other things, I'm just not there yet.
3. Yes, I am totally going to be posting again. I really missed you all.
4. I'm going to be posting a little more random stuff that makes me happy/projects/DIYs/Posh/Eo stuff and a little less personal stuff. I can't go into the personal stuff right now so I hope you all don't mind.
5. Thank you for hanging with me. I truly am blessed by all the sweet notes and messages I've received. You all mean the world to me and I truly value your reading and support.

Well, that's about it. I'm back-ish...kinda.


  1. Missed you! Thanks for posting, I've been stalking you on Pinterest, so I know the Posh thing is still going. Looking forward to more! Love you, and not that you asked, but you're right to keep the personal stuff offline at least until you've got peace about it and blessings from the people it also effects.

    1. Ha Ha yep, it's actually helping me get through some stuff. It's just nice to have something positive and happy going on. Thank you for staying with me, thankfully the personal stuff is all me it really isn't from anyone else, but I'm working it out. It just takes time. Thank you for the support my blogging sister!