Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Let's do an about face!

I grew up in a home where my mother's beauty regiment and products were as religious as most people's family bible. My cosmetologist Aunt and my Mom sat me down and went over the specifics of face care...what to use, where, why, and when at a very young age. I have just always known what I should be putting on my face so it always was something that caught me off guard when friends or someone older than me had no clue about needing to use a moisturizer, or face wash or which kind. So...I figured I could share what I know. This is going to be broken into days soo.... here goes:

{ Day One }
- Face Wash -

The face wash is in my opinion the most important step in a regiment.It's recommended that you wash your face at least once a day, but twice a day is preferred. Why you ask? Well, our skin is covered in a layer of dead skin cells, dirt, pollutants, and bacteria. This builds up as we go through our day and that layer will continue to thicken as the days go on unless we wash our faces daily. Not to mention that washing our faces unclogs our pores and promotes the regeneration of healthy, clean skin. So now that I've got you on board for the face washing thing let's look at which wash you should use.

{ Normal Skin }
You lucky ducks. If your skin is never really oily or ever really dry your skin is normal. Congratulations on winning the skin lottery. You can basically use any type of face wash depending on your personal  preferences. From exfoliating washes to cream ones

Dry Skin }
If your face usually feels tight, and is flaky or ashy you have dry skin. It's recommended to use a creamy cleanser like the Delish wash if you've got dry skin. You also want to make sure you're following up with a moisturizer and I would also use a night cream 2-3 times a week and for really dry skin a moisturizing mask as well.

{ Oily Skin }
If you have oily skin ( especially in the T-Zone ) you know it...aka: me. You could use those little oil blotter sheets like five times a day..yeah I'm with you sister. The recommended wash for oily skin is a creamy one with no exfoliation. Honestly though I use the BFF wash which is a gentle exfoliating wash and my skin has NEVER looked this good so there are exceptions to the rules. Sometimes you have to play around and find out what works for you.

{ Combination skin }
If you are sometimes oily in the T-Zone, but dry on your cheeks or other areas you have combo skin. This is another touch and go. I would start out with a mild exfoliating wash like the BFF and if you find it makes your skin more oilier than normal try out a cream wash.

{Acne Prone Skin}
I recommend using a wash that is specifically for preventing/healing acne. Perfectly Posh makes a bar soap made of activated charcoal ( called the Gender Bender) that literally pulls out dirt and oil from skin. They also have Complexion Perfection face wash for acne prone skin which is similar to the BFF wash. I use the BFF face wash every night and the Gender Bender every morning. With acne prone skin you would also benefit from a spot treatment and ALWAYS follow up with a moisturizer. It's extremely important for acne prone skin to wash their face twice a day.

{ Tips & Tricks }

( Temperature } 
 You want to use lukewarm water to wash your face. Not too hot and not too cold. Hot water actually dries skin. 

( Makeup Removers } 
Your face wash will take all of your makeup off there's no reason to use a separate wash for makeup. The only thing you need to take off with a different cleanser is eye makeup remover.

( Best Time To Wash Your Face} 
If you can only fit in one time a day to wash your face make it in the evening. It's most beneficial to wash your face right before bed so you can sleep easy knowing you removed all of the day's dirt and pollution.

{ Sleepy and forgetful? Aka: almost every new mom out there} 
If you sometimes forget to wash your face at night keep a box of face wipes in your drawers next to your bed so you can grab, wipe, and sleep.

{ Why Posh? }

Putting the fact that I am a consultant with Posh aside, I would still recommend their facial washes. Why? Because I have seen how amazing the results can be with my own skin and with family and friends. They use no sulfates/parabens/paraffins/petroleum products/soy or gluten fillers and are fragranced with essential oils and high grade perfume. They are made with natural, safe ingredients therefor they are very gentle. Even the most sensitive of skin can usually use our products without irritation.

Day Two: Moisturizers

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