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Day Two: Moisturizers

Welcome to day two in our About Face post. 
If you missed Day One: Face Washes you can find it here

{ Day Two}
- Moisturizers-

I remember being at one of those clinique makeup booths with a friend in high school and saleslady asking her what skin regiment she used and she had replied soap and water in which me and the saleslady were mortified. She said her skin was young and didn't need moisturization...well honey do you think it's going to stay that way? NOPE. Everyone needs a moisturizer in their routine. I have oily, acne prone skin and I NEED a moisturizer. Skin goes through a lot in a day...germs, free radicals, smoke, dirt, sunlight, heat, cold, dryness, sweating, and more. It needs a wash to remove all that buildup and a moisturizer to replenish anything that the wash and daily activities removed.
PLUS a more moisturized skin looks like a more youthful skin! 

{ Which one is right for me? }

All skin types need a moisturizer, and which one you should use really comes down to what your personal skin needs. These are the moisturizers I recommend, why, and for who. 

1. Night & Day
This is an olive oil, glycerin, aloe, and lavender essential oil daily moisturizer. This is hands down my favorite go-to moisturizer. I use this every single night. It's very gentle and preferred on even the most sensitive skin. This one is also good on almost every skin type. So unless you aren't a fan of the lavender scent it's the one I would recommend.

2. Moisturize 911
This is a HUGE favorite. My mother swears by this one. It's a light, daily moisturizer loaded with caffeine and orange essential oil for tightening and brightening. This one is also a big hit for older skin because it not only moisturizes, but also gives you that tightening effect from the caffeine every time you apply it. Acne prone skin may also benefit from the caffeine as well.

{ Extra Moisturization }

1. Sweet Dreams Ultra Hydrating Night Creme
Moisturizes deep and intense while you sleep sweetly with natural butters to aid and improve elasticity, infuse with moisture, and preserve the overall look of face and neck. This is a fairly new moisturizer, and it has the added bonus of fighting wrinkles while it moisturizes. You would apply this at night after your face wash instead of your daily moisturizer.

2. Rain Mask Vintage Visage Hydration
This is another new product that has little orbs of nutritious hydration and gentle as rain extracts which feed and moisturize deeply adding plumpness and elasticity at a cellular level to delicate skin. This is being hailed as one of the best smelling masks EVER. Plus it also gives the added bonus of hydration plus improving elasticity. You would apply this after you've used your face wash, and you can leave this on for up to 60 minutes as often as needed, it's super gentle.

3. The Saint Moisture Mask
This is a honey and avocado moisture mask with nutrient rich butters, oils, and fruits. It's ideal for naturally dry skin, and skin that spends time in the elements. Rich in vitamin C for revitalization, plus healing honey, and gentle glycerin. Again you would use this after your face wash, and allow it to dry and set. Leave on for ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Use it religiously three to seven times per week for best results.

4. Hydrating Argan And Olive Face Oil
This is a specially blended concentrate of natural oils designed to deliver a boost of intensive light weight moisture to skin. It is not oily and will not clog pores, it leaves face naturally dewy and delightful with calming lavender and rare argan oil. You would apply this after your face wash by putting three to four drops into your hand and smoothing it onto your face and neck. Use two to five times per week. Continued use will even skin tone and prevent dryness.

{ Tips & Tricks }

( Timing is key } 
Moisturizers lock in the moisture that is on the surface of your skin so you want to apply it no later than 3 minutes after you wash and pat your face dry. 

( How much? } 
Because my skin is oily I've found that I only need to apply a moisturizer once a day ( at night right before bed). If you have dry skin or if your acne treatments make your skin super dry I would aim for applying it twice a day or once a day with a mask or treatment. I also apply moisturizer after any face masks that I use.

{ Why Posh? }

Putting the fact that I am a consultant with Posh aside, I would still recommend their products. Why? Because I have seen how amazing the results can be with my own skin and with family and friends. They use no sulfates/parabens/paraffins/petroleum products/soy or gluten fillers and are fragranced with essential oils and high grade perfume. They are made with natural, safe ingredients therefor they are very gentle. Even the most sensitive of skin can usually use our products without irritation.

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