Thursday, March 27, 2014

I didn't even plant anything.....

Ok, fair warning...these pictures are kinda gross. Not bloody or oosing or ( ok descriptions are NOT helping, sorry) but they are of my feet. Not that my feet are uber gross, but it's my winter non-pedicurized  feet with a wart so....yea. If you aren't interested you might want to come back tomorrow, I totally will not be mad at you.

How I removed my Plantars Wart with 
Essential Oils

A few weeks ago I began to notice that my foot was hurting, and it seemed like it was hurting only in one spot. I usually just wear socks around the house and Hubby thought maybe it was because I was standing without support and that I needed some slippers to ease the pain. The slippers helped for a little of the pain, but I noticed that it was starting to hurt more and more. It was then that I actually looked and noticed a little, hard spot right in the middle of the pad. Weird
I honestly just thought it was a callus so I ignored it, for a few more days....then the pain got worse. Hubby and I were debating back and forth over what it could be ( by now it was a slightly larger, hard little callus) I said it was just a callus, Hubby said it was more. How do you solve this? The internet of course! We did a little research and found out that it's a normal callus if it hurts when you press down on it, but it's a plantars wart when it hurts when you squeeze it. So we squeezed and I *might* have said a few unladylike things, it hurt...bad.

I was mortified. I NEVER got warts. How did one get a plantars wart??I haven't planted! Things just continued to get better when Hubby told me what the common treatment was....urine. Apparently that will get the pesky little wart right off....NOPE. I was not about to pee on my foot, I was irritated enough at having the stupid thing. So what did I do? Pulled out my essential oils of course!

This is my routine:

1. I wiped LEMON essential oil all over the area to sanitize it.

2. Then I began a daily regiment of putting one drop of MELALEUCA on the cloth part of a band-aid and 
putting it directly on the wart.

3. I would change the band-aid out 2-3 times a day putting a fresh one on with the one drop of melaleuca.

4. After just three days I noticed it was literally eating the wart out of my skin. PS-100% PAIN FREE this did not hurt, it was eating at the wart not my skin. I could literally begin to put my fingernail under it and begin to pry it up but I didn't pull it out then. 

5. On day five the wart had turned into a hard little seed shaped thing and was starting to be painful to walk on so I just pulled a little ( where the melaleuca had been eating it away ) and out it came. Totally pain free! I could walk on it with no problems. I was SO happy!!

You can see on day seven my skin was already beginning the process of healing and covering the dent where the wart was. I can walk perfectly fine on my feet now, totally pain free!

This is the little bugger, completely eaten off my skin. 
It oddly looks like a little seed and it's as hard as a rock. 
Not fun. 

So there it is. That's how I got rid of mine. I'd be happy to answer any questions or hear from you guys about any wart experiences. I have never in my life been more thankful for my essential oils 
as I was when that stupid wart was removed. Also, as always if you 
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