Monday, March 18, 2013

How to make time for yourself...bubble style.

I've had one of those months that just seem to go by in a crazy, blurry, stressful flash. We have had sickness, car wrecks, cars breaking down, work going crazy for BOTH Hubby and I, Munchkin starting to roll over and try to crawl ( and therefore smacking her head on the floor and giving me heart attacks), family coming in, family going out, six birthdays, one wedding,multiple Dr. appointments, Hubby and I having issues with not having any time together, a court date, then a court date being moved, family bickering, a future trip, getting a new pet, having a pet get pregnant, and a few other things but I'm so over it all that I just can't even think about them.

I feel like every time I plan to sit down for a moment and take time to myself to write and savor the blog a million things pop up and it's off to do something else. So this month I apologize because I feel almost like I'm on cruise control and just sort of trying to keep my head above the water. Things will get better, things will slow down and everything will be least that's what I keep telling myself.

This post literally took almost two full days to write. Every time I sat down it was something: the baby woke up, Hubby can't find something, family wants to come over, cat broke something, cat woke the baby up, passed out from sleep get the picture. 

This stressful, crazy, non-stop month has gotten my sarcastic humor side in overdrive so please enjoy the top five ways to make time for yourself:

1. Get completely under the covers with your laptop and put a sign on the outside that says " Trapped not bother it or it will escape and haunt you." I don't recommend this for smaller children, instead use the word "Velociraptor" and "murder you"....shouldn't scar them too much....I think....

2. Tell them you visited the doctor and he said that you have a horrible rash that will only go away if you take an hour long bath. The rash causes you to cook lots of vegetables and force children to make their beds if it doesn't go away, so really this is in their best interest.

3. Lock your bedroom door and announce loudly that you are getting a jump on spring cleaning. Feel free to pull the mop and broom in there for show, and be sure to emit a few grunts for good measure. If they knock on the door as them if they're offering to help. When you get some peace open the door and if they comment about the still dirty looking room....cry.

4. Just remind ( pick a kid this could apply to) that they have a research paper due tomorrow and when they obviously have no clue what you're talking about huff and exasperatedly say you'll do it for them, but just this one time. You require a computer, snacks, and at least three or four hours of silence. When they question it the next day just tell them you were testing their memory and they failed.

5. Fake your car breaking down and spend the afternoon with some coffee, a book and someplace quiet. Call Hubby and tell him the mechanic guys said it might take a while, but you're totally keeping a calm head and the insurance will cover it all.


  1. Haha. I am going to try these in alphabetical order. I'll get back to you with the results.

    1. NICE! Yes, let me know...I think I might try number one tonight!!!!

  2. I literally laughed out loud at that last one. It sounds awesome, but my husband would never believe me if I tried to tell him that I was handling a car problem by myself. ;-)

    1. Ha! I think mine would just be relieved that I wasn't pissed off at him for car troubles lol