Saturday, March 9, 2013

I heart your faces ladies!

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Well, apparently yesterday was International Woman's Day and I had no idea about it until about 11:50 last night. So I wrote this post and am posting it the day after so...Happy Belated International Woman's Day.

I first want to give thanks and honor to of the amazing women that I have in my life who encourage and uplift me daily. I want to thank them not just for the support, but also for being a source of wisdom and guidance.I also want to thank all of my amazing readers, and supporters of this site....I love you, like really creepily love you all. And no, I am not winning an Oscar...I just wanted to give a quick shout out of thanks.

Secondly I began to wonder exactly what International Women's Day was all about. It wasn't technically "Honor Women Day" or "Respect The Women Day". It sort of sounded like " Mother's Day" so I'm fairly certain I was suppose to get a gift.

I made this list completely up did a ton of research and if your spouse is confused about the holiday just tell them this:

The following is entitled to all women and MUST be done or someone will pay the pied piper...I assure you. And it wont be me because I'm poor and I don't even know the going rate of a piper is, much less a pied one.

1. The Woman must be granted a day of no diaper duty. period. If you have to come home from work to change a diaper then so be it pal.

2. The Woman is allowed to get out of a speeding ticket, no wearing of a low-cut shirt necessary. I'm looking at you patrolmen....

3. The Woman is allowed one free dessert from any restaurant of her choice.

4. The Woman is granted a puppy or kitten of her choice for the day, and the kids/and or Hubby shall clean the doodies up.

5. The Woman shall be entitled to an hour long free massage, by a tall handsome muscular professional masseuse.

I don't know about ya'll but I think these rules should take effect immediately and guaranteed by law. Yup, I said it. I'm totally willing to bend on the speeding ticket thing if I can trade it for free coffee all day. That is all. Happy Belated International Women's Day Ladies! 


  1. Um, I'm with you all the way babe, except I'd prefer a MASSEUR, thanks!